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Tania and Glenn Beck Marriage Profile


Tania and Glenn Beck have been married since January 2000.


Glenn Beck: February 10, 1964 in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Tania: Abt. 1972.

How Tania and Glenn Met:

Tania and Glenn met in 1998.
Xander Cricket: "He [Glenn] was standing in the parking lot after a radio show one day talking to his partner when Tania walked by and recognized his voice. She asked if he was Glenn Beck and then thanked him for his radio show, saying he had made her laugh for years."
Source: Xander Cricket. Glenn Beck: The Redemptive Story of America's Favorite Political Commentator. 2009. pg. 39.
Pamela Davis: "Tania met Beck two years ago when she visited the New Haven, Conn., station where he worked. She was there to pick up a Walkman she won in a radio contest. Back then, Beck was a divorced, ponytail- wearing, abortion-rights supporting, local radio celebrity."
Source: Pamela Davis. "Working Nerves in the Afternoon." St. Petersburg Times. 03/17/2000. pg. 1.D.

Wedding Date and Info:

Glenn and Tania were married in January 2000 in New Haven, Connecticut. A year after their wedding, they had their marriage sealed in the LDS temple.
Source: Connecticut Marriage Index, 1959-2001. via Ancestry.com
Glenn: "... when I met my wife, Tania, she said, "We have to find a church or we're not going to get married."
Source: Glenn Beck. The Real America: Messages from the Heart and Heartland. 2005. pg. 202.


  • Mary Beck: Born in 1988. She developed cerebral palsy after a series of strokes when she was born. Her mother is Claire McCabe.
  • Hannah Beck: Born in 1991. Her mother is Claire McCabe.
  • Raphe Beck: Adopted in 2004. His mother is Tania.
  • Cheyenne Grace Beck: Born in 2006. Her mother is Tania.


Although Beck sold their New Canaan, Connecticut 8,720 square foot colonia home for $3.6 million in June 2011, he still has an apartment in Manhattan.

In July 2011, Glenn Beck moved his family to Westlake, Texas, a suburb of Dallas/Fort Worth. The home they are renting for $20,000 per month has nearly 8,000-square-feet, seven bedrooms, seven bathrooms, sits on two acres, and is in a gated community. Photos of Texas Home

"Anyhow, here is what Glenn and his wife, Tania, are getting: 7904 square feet, four car garage, almost two acres of land (1.7ish), a Hill Country styled house, La Cornue stove, master retreat with a relaxation room, study, steam shower, limestone, hardwoods, travertine, 7 bedrooms, 7.5 baths, both sun and exercise rooms, a guest house with living, bedroom, bath, and of course a pool."
Source: Candy Evans. "Glenn Beck is Moving to Vaquero." CandysDirt.com. 6/29/2011.


Glenn: Radio talk show host, television personality, author, public speaker, entrepreneur, political commentator.


Glenn and Tania: Mormon.
Glenn: "I apologize, but guys will understand this. My wife is hot and she wouldn't have sex with me until we got married, and she wouldn't marry me unless we had a religion," he said. "I'm like, ah, you've got to be kidding me! I've got to go to church for this?"
Source: John Stossel, Andrew Kirell. Glenn Beck on Glenn Beck." ABCNews.go.com. 6/10/2009.

Previous Marriages:

Glenn has one previous marriage.
  • Claire E. McCabe: After meeting one another in Washington, D.C. at the WPGC radio station, Glenn and Claire were married in 1983. Claire worked in accounting. They had two daughters before they divorced in 1994 due to his alcoholism and drug abuse.
Glenn: "I was a bad husband (and a worse father) for longer than I care to think about. But here's the key: I do think about it. Every day. That's the best way I know to make sure I never fall into the same traps again. Looking back, I realize that I was young, foolish, and weak; there were issues from my family's past that I should have dealt with before even thinking of starting a family of my own, but that's not the way it played out."
Source: Glenn Beck. An Inconvenient Book: Reall Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems. 2007. pg. 27.

Quotes About the Marriage of Tania and Glenn Beck:

Glenn: "I am less than half the man that I am without my wife. She’s a wonderful woman."
Source: "Glenn and Tania Beck's Adoption Journey." Fsaaf.blogspot.com. 9/11/2008.

Glenn: "The most important job in my career is done by Tania -- I don't think she fully understands how vital it is yet, but she is the one who keeps me healthy -- physically, mentally and, most important, spiritually. She keeps me rooted in all that is real."
Source: Glenn Beck. The Real Amerca: Messages from the Heart and Heartland. 2005. pg. 182.

Glenn: "I honestly believe with all my heart that I wouldn't be alive today if not for her. [Tania] She's lent a stability and strength to my life that are impossible to overstate. I don't like doing things without her -- we're not co-dependent ... we're in love. I am less than half the man when i'm not with her. Tania and I are truly a partnership, and our marriage works because we work at it together."
Source: Glenn Beck. An Inconvenient Book: Reall Solutions to the World's Biggest Problems. 2007. pgs. 26-27.

Glenn on Gordon Hinckley's marriage: "Tania and I, we want to be that way with each other. We just want that love where we are so torn apart without the other. The world should stop and take notice of their incredible love story.”
Source: Jamie Lawson. Glenn Beck. "LDSLiving." 6/13/2007.

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