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Leisha and Chip Pickering


The 20-year marriage of Leisha and Chip Pickering fell victim to Chip's infidelity. Here is information on how Leisha and Chip met, their children, and more.


Charles Willis Pickering, Jr: August 10, 1963 in Laurel, Mississippi.

Leisha Jane Prather:

How Leisha and Chip Met:

Chip and Leisha met as students at the University of Mississippi.

Wedding Date:

Leisha and Chip were married on May 14, 1988.


Leisha and Chip have five sons.
  • Will:
  • Ross:
  • Jackson:
  • Asher:
  • Harper:


Chip Pickering: Lobbyist for Cellular South, former U.S. Representative.

Leisha Pickering: Owner of event planning business, pastry chef, missionary work in China, the Dominican Republic, and the Philippines.


Leisha and Chip lived on a 13-acre farm near Flora, Mississippi.


After Leisha and Chip separated in June 2008, Chip Pickering filed for divorce.

Leisha Pickering's Alienation of Affection Lawsuit:

Mississippi is one of the few states that allow filing an alienation of affection lawsuit. Seeking unspecified damages in an alienation of affection lawsuit she filed on 7/14/2009 against Elizabeth Creekmore Byrd, Leisha Pickering alleges that Byrd and Chip Pickering had an affair during the time Chip was residing at the C Street house in Washington, D.C. Leisha was granted a Temporary Restraining Order regarding documents pertaining to the divorce and lawsuit.

Quotes About the Marriage and Divorce of Leisha and Chip Pickering:

"Washington insiders have already done their share of snickering as the Pickerings' bickering degenerated into dickering. After all, Congressman Pickering built his political career as an outspoken conservative and former Southern Baptist missionary who sported his religious stripes on his sleeves."
Source: Jacob M. Appel. "Hate the Husband? Sue the Mistress!" HuffingtonPost.com. 10/06/2009.

Chip Pickering: "I still believe it is in the best interest of our five boys if our differences are resolved privately and before the appropriate court and not in the media."
Source: John Bresnahan. "Chip Pickering's wife sues alleged mistress." Politico.com. 7/16/09.

Jimmie Gates: "Prior to Pickering’s marriage and while still in college, Creekmore-Byrd met and had a romantic relationship with Pickering which ended prior to their college graduation, Leisha Pickering said. Subsequently, the Pickerings married and Byrd also married."
Source: Jimmie E. Gates. "Ex-Miss. politician's wife sues alleged mistress." ClarionLedger.com. 7/16/2009.

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