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Karl and Darby Rove Marriage Profile
Married since 1986, Karl Rove and Darby Hickson have faced controversy in the past, and are having to deal with continuing legal issues in their future. Here is information about Karl and Darby Rove, their marriage, quotes, and more.

Michelle Paige and David Paterson Marriage Profile
Thrust quickly into the media spotlight and even with infidelity in their past, the marriage of Michelle and David Paterson appears to be on solid ground today. Here is information about the marriage of David and Michelle Paterson.

Dina Matos and James McGreevey Marriage Profile
The fairy tale marriage of James and Dina Matos McGreevey quickly came to an end when he announced his affair with another man. Here's information about the marriage and separation of James and Dina Matos McGreevey. Information about McGreevey's partner, Mark O'Donnell, is included.

Corina Raigosa and Antonio Villaraigosa Marriage Profile
When a marriage ends after 20 years, it is a sad event. It is even sadder when the public collapse of a marriage is not a surprise. The marriage of Corina and Antonio Villaraigosa has been in trouble for years and weathered previous infidelity. Here is information about the unraveling of the Villaraigosa marriage relationship.

Dalia and Fidel Castro Marriage Profile
Although together for many years, Dalia and Fidel Castro were not married until 1980 in a quiet ceremony. Here's information about their marriage, Fidel's children, and his other relationships.

Ann and Mitt Romney Marriage Profile
The love story of Mitt and Ann Romney started when they were teens. Saying they have never had a serious argument in the long lasting traditional marriage, Mitt still refers to Ann as his sweetheart. Here is information about how they met, their wedding, children, their thoughts on marriage, and more.

Emily and James Clyburn Marriage Profile
Not every couple with a long lasting marriage can say they met in jail, but that is how James and Emily met while they were both in college. Here is information on their marriage, children, and more.

Jeri Kehn and Fred Thompson Marriage Profile
The May-December marriage of Jeri Kehn and Fred Thompson captured the attention of the media as Jeri assumed an active role in Fred's presidential campaign. Here is more information on how Jeri and Fred met, their wedding, children, and more.

Carol and Ron Paul Marriage Profile
In February 2007, Ron and Carolyn Paul celebrated 50 years of marriage with their large family. Here is information on how Ron and Carol met, their wedding, their children, and more.

Janet and Mike Huckabee Marriage Profile
Janet and Mike Huckabee's long term marriage began when they were both 18 years old. Their marriage was tested early by illness and later by being in the political spotlight. Here is information about how they met, their wedding, children, their thoughts on marriage, and more.

John and Sandra Day O'Connor Marriage Profile
Citing her age and the need to spend more time with her ailing husband John and family, Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor announced her retirement from the Supreme Court on July 1, 2005. Here is more information on the wedding and marriage of John and Sandra Day O'Connor.

Susan and Michael Mukasey Marriage Profile
With their family beside them, Michael and Susan Mukasey stepped into the media spotlight when it was announced that Michael had been nominated as attorney general. Here's information about their long-lasting marriage.

Elizabeth Harper and Dennis Kucinich Marriage Profile
After a quick courtship, Elizabeth Harper and Dennis Kucinich's marriage had to deal with quite a few challenges. There is a 31-year age difference between them, they have very different backgrounds, and Dennis' presidential campaign put their lives and marriage in the spotlight. Here is information about how Elizabeth and Dennis met, their marriage, and more.

Barbara Flavin and Bill Richardson Marriage Profile
Profiled as being mismatched, Barbara and Bill Richardson have a strong, long-lasting marriage that allows one another to be who they are.

I. Lewis Libby Jr. and Harriet Grant Marriage Profile
There is not much information available about Harriet and Scooter Libby's marriage. Here is what we were able to glean from magazine and newspaper articles about their marriage relationship.

Clarence Thomas and Ginni Lamp Thomas Marriage Profile
One of the more prominent interracial married couples in the U.s., Clarence and Ginni Thomas have been married since 1987. Friends and acquaintances describe the marriage of Clarence and Ginni Thomas as a strong marital union that has been tested by difficult times. Here is more information about how Ginni and Clarence met, their wedding, and more.

Ban Ki-moon and Yoo Soon-taek Marriage Profile
U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has admitted to being a workaholic who has placed his marriage and family second to his work. Along with their love for one another, we assume that Ban uses his skills as a harmonizer and communicator in his personal life, and that Yoo is a woman with patience and understanding. Here's information about how Ban and Yoo met, when they married, their children, quotes about their marriage, and more.

Becky and Bob Gates Marriage Profile
Married since 1966, Becky and Bob Gates only knew one another for 3 months when he proposed marriage. With Bob working in the CIA and other government roles, they have witnessed a lot of U.S. history during their 40 years together. Here's information about Becky and Bob Gates' marriage.

Dennis Hastert and Jean Kahl Marriage Profile
Not expecting to ever leave their home state, when politics called Dennis and Jean Hastert to Washington, D.C., they made a decision to not move their family. Here's information about how Dennis proposed to Jean, when they married, and more.

Samuel and Martha-Ann Alito
Sworn in as the Supreme Court's 110th Justice on 2/1/06, Samuel A. Alito, Jr., has been married to Martha-Ann Bomgardner since 1985. Read more about Samuel and Martha-Ann's marriage, children, and interests.

Tom and Christine DeLay
Extremely close to his wife and daughter, Tom Delay's family needs to rely on that closeness to get them through the stress of the legal problems facing them and the changes they are having to make in their lives. Here's more information on the marriage and family of Tom Delay.

Ben and Anna Bernanke
Here's information on the marriage of Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke and hiw wife Anna Bernanke.

John and Jane Roberts
Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts has been married to Jane Sullivan since 1996. Here is more information about the couple and their family.

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