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Gary and Kathleen Sebelius Marriage Profile


Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images

Governor Kathleen Sebelius and husband Gary Sebelius in Washington, D.C. on February 22, 2004.

Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images
Since they both have their roots in political families, Gary and Kathleen Sebelius knew what they were taking on when she entered public life and campaigned to become governor of Kansas.

Here is information about the marriage of Kathleen and Gary Sebelius.

News Updates:

3/4/09: Kathleen Sebelius was asked by President Obama to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Kathleen Gilligan Sebelius: May 15, 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Keith Gary Sebelius: November 8, 1949 in Norton, Kansas.

How Gary and Kathleen Met:

Kathleen and Gary met in Washington D.C. "when he was attending Georgetown Law School and she was working at the Center for Correctional Justice."
Source: John Hanna, "Sebelius can't escape speculation about future", Morningsun.net, 11/15/1998.

When their engagement was announced on December 9, 1974, the press noted that "Gilligan is a Democrat and Sebelius a Republican."
Source: The Chronicle Telegram, Elyria, Ohio, 12/9/1974.

Wedding Date:

Since Kathleen's father was governor of Ohio at the time, Kathleen and Gary were married in the governor's mansion in Columbus, Ohio on December 24, 1974.


Gary and Kathleen have two sons:
  • Ned Sebelius: Born in 1982.
  • John Sebelius: Born in 1985.


Kathleen: Secretary of Health and Human Services, Governor of Kansas, former Kansas State Insurance commissioner, former member of Kansas house of Representatives.

Gary: Federal magistrate judge, attorney, author, lecturer.


Kathleen and Gary have a vacation home in Leland, Michigan.

In her role as governor of Kansas, Kathleen and Gary reside in the Governor's residence at Cedar Crest near Topeka, Kansas.

Quotes about the Marriage of Kathleen and Gary Sebelius:

Kathleen about balance in their marriage: "“We’ve really tried hard to balance family issues and political issues ... I have always wanted to be at home and be available to the kids, and I’ve been very lucky to have had jobs where I could work on issues that I thought were important and yet not have to give up time with the kids and family. Both Gary and I felt that it was very important that their lives were as normal as possible, that they participate only when they wanted to, and that this was my job, not their job ...”
Source: Elizabeth Palmer, "Profile: Kathleen Sebelius", TrinityDC.edu

Kathleen about their political differences: "I'm converting Republicans one at a time. First my husband, Gary..."
Source: Nadia Pflaum, "Kansas Republicans evolve -- into Democrats", Salon.com, 9/5/2006.

Kathleen about Gary's adjustment to being the husband of a governor: "He seems to have made it through the first year unscathed."
source: Scott Rothschild, "First-ever online chat with governor provides forum for curious Kansans", LJWorld.com, 2/6/2004.

Gary downplaying "his role as adviser to his high-profile wife": "She might have borrowed a few ideas from me, but she got her counsel from other folks and followed her own good instincts."
Source: Jim McLean, "Call him 'first dude'", CJOnline.com, 1/20/2003.

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