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Paul and Nancy Pelosi Marriage Profile


Photo: Nancy Ostertag / Getty Images

Paul and Nancy Pelosi in Washington, D.C. on December 2, 2007.

Photo: Nancy Ostertag / Getty Images
Paul and Nancy Pelosi married one another the same year they both graduated from college and making history was probably not one of their goals. After starting their family, they moved to California, raised their family, and then became involved in politics.

Here is information about Paul and Nancy's marriage.

Fast Marriage Facts - Nancy and Paul
Met: At College.
Married: September 7, 1962.
First Marriage: Yes.

Did You Know?
They married the same year they graduated from college.

News Updates:

1/04/2007: Nancy Pelosi was elected to serve as the first female Speaker of the House.


Nancy Patricia D'Alesando Pelosi: March 26, 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Paul Francis Pelosi Sr: Abt. 1940 in San Francisco, California.

How Paul and Nancy Met:

Paul and Nancy met in Washington D.C. when they were both in college. Nancy was attending Trinity College and Paul was attending Georgetown University.

Wedding Date:

September 7, 1962.


Nancy "was pregnant for a good portion of the 1960s", having five kids, born in six years and one week.
Source: Cbsnews.com
  • Nancy Corinne Pelosi:
  • Christine Pelosi: Worked as chief of staff for a Massachusetts congressman.
  • Jacqueline Frances Pelosi: Jacqueline married Michael Terence Kenneally in June 1993.
  • Paul Francis Pelosi Jr: Paul graduated from Georgetown in 1991. He served on the Commission on the Environment in San Francisco.
  • Alexandra Pelosi: Born in 1969. Alexandra is a journalist, writer, television producer, and filmmaker.
Nancy: "Some days I didn't even wash my face. I couldn’t have the privacy of closing my door. I did the best I could -- it wasn't necessarily the best I knew how. Other factors intervened, like free will on the part of the children. They say 'LOVE' is an acronym for 'Let Other Versions Exist!'"
Source: "Nancy Pelosi Visits The Huffington Post, Talks Motherhood, Breaking Barriers And Being yourself." HuffingtonPost.com. 11/13/2011.

Occupations and Interests:

Nancy: Nancy was a stay-at-home mom while raising their five children. She was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1987 and elected to serve as the first female Speaker of the House in January 2007.

Nancy reportedly enjoys dancing, loves Ghiradelli chocolate, New York Times crossword puzzles, and Jeopardy.

Paul: Paul is a successful businessman, banker, and investor. He is president of Financial Leasing Services, a venture-capital company in San Francisco. He acts now and then in community theatre.


Both Nancy and Paul are Roman Catholics.


It was reported in 2002 that Paul and Nancy live in the Pacific Heights section of San Francisco. They also own a home in Napa Valley and a home in the Georgetown area of Washington.

Quotes About the Marriage of Paul and Nancy Pelosi:

Stephanie Salter, about the Pelosi marriage, 9/2006: "She [Nancy] and Paul have been married for 43 years and have grandchildren, yet there is a definite electricity between them that conveys “still best friends and lovers —- after all these years.”
Source: Tribstar.com

John Wildermuth, political writer, about their marriage: "From the beginning, the Pelosis have had a bicoastal relationship, with Paul Pelosi living and working in San Francisco and spending about a week or so each month with his wife in Washington."
Source: SFGate.com

Paul concerning Nancy's political career: "It wasn't even on the table. It wasn't even part of the discussion. Nothing in her personality – it was never going to happen. Well, we end up in San Francisco. We raise our five children and when the children were in school all day, then she started doing volunteer stuff."
Source: Cbsnews.com

Paul about Nancy: "He says he doesn’t give his wife advice, except for one thing: he picks out her clothes. "Well, she hates to shop," he explains."
Source: Cbsnews.com

Nancy about working with Paul, 1987: "I think one of the reasons why we have a good working relationship is that I try not to make too many demands on Paul's time as far as the political stuff is concerned."
Source: SFGate.com

Nancy about not running for public office until her youngest daughter was a senior in high school: “It was important for me to be there for them. I went to Congress in my 40s. I could never have done it earlier. I am in awe of young women today who are balancing very difficult careers and family. When I went to Congress my children were grown. While I was chair of the Democratic party in California, they were in school.”
Source: Trinitydc.edu

Nancy about her real goal of becoming a grandmother: "It's great. It's fabulous. It was my goal in life and now I've achieved it. I'm a grandmother."
Source: Cbsnews.com

Nancy's advice to those considering politics as a career: "Devote time to having a balanced life. Because the success of politics can overwhelm you. You cannot have your personal well-being depend on your political success. This is hard. There will be disappointments and you can’t tie everything to it. You must have a sense of self beyond the politics.”
Source: Trinitydc.edu

Nancy about raising her family: "To me, the center of my life will always be raising my family. It is the complete joy of my life. To me, working in Congress is a continuation of that."
Source: Gale.com

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