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Gail Huff and Scott Brown Marriage Profile


Photo: Robert Spencer / Getty Images

Scott and Gail Brown on January 19, 2010 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Photo: Robert Spencer / Getty Images
Scott campaigned without Gail by his side due to her television reporting job. Gail will continue to work at the Boston television station while Scott begins his Senate career in Washington, D.C. Here is information about the supportive marriage of Gail and Scott Brown.


Scott Philip Brown: September 12, 1959 in Kittery, Maine. Scott Brown grew up in Wakefield, Massachusetts.

Gail Huff: Abt. 1963 in Massachusetts.

How Scott and Gail Met:

Gail and Scott met in 1985 at a state-regulatory-board meeting "where they were attempting to recover money from modeling agents who hadn't paid them."
Source: Claire Suddath. "2-Min. Bio: Senator-Elect Scott Brown." Time.com. 1/19/2010.

Wedding Date:

Scott and Gail were married in 1986.


Scott and Gail have two daughters.


Scott Brown: Senator-Elect from Massachusetts, lawyer, state legislator, actor, model, lieutenant colonel in Massachusetts National Guard.

Gail Huff: Television news reporter, model, actress. Press Release -- WCVB's Gail Huff to Continue as Reporter


Scott and Gail's primary home, a four-bedroom colonial, is in Wrentham, Massachusetts. They also have a six-room Cape-style country home in Rye, New Hampshire, three condominium units in Brighton, Massachusetts, and a timeshare in Aruba.

Quotes About the Marriage of Scott Brown and Gail Huff:

Gail: “I will continue to keep my professional life completely separate from my personal life as Scott Brown’s wife.”
Source: Jessica Heslam. "Scott Brown's reporter wife vows no special access." BostonHerald.com. 1/22/2010.

Scott: "Scott Brown is very proud of his wife, but they have two separate careers - one in media and one in politics - and they work hard to keep their two careers separate."
Source: Jessica Heslam. "Candidates' media kin honor 'firewall.'" Boston Herald. 12/03/2009.

Scott on what keeps them grounded: "Just a love for each other. We're very supportive of each other."
Source: "Politics, Family, Basketball Among Candidate's Passions." TheBostonChannel.com. 12/02/2009.

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