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Catherine and Ted Stevens Marriage Profile


Photo: Joshua Roberts / Getty Images

Catherine and Ted Stevens in Washington, DC on October 23, 2008.

Photo: Joshua Roberts / Getty Images
Together nearly 30 years, the marriage of Ted and Catherine Stevens ended on August 10, 2010 when Ted died in an airplane crash. They faced difficult challenges when federal charges were brought against him. Here is information about their marriage.

News Updates:

8/10/2010: According to CNN and The New York Times, former Senator Ted Stevens was killed in an airplane crash in southwest Alaska.

4/7/2009: The federal conviction of Ted Stevens was thrown out by a federal judge.


Ted (Theodore) Fulton Stevens: November 18, 1923 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Catherine Ann Bittner Chandler:


Ted Stevens: At the age of 86, former Senator Ted Stevens died in an airplane crash in southwest Alaska near Dillingham on August 10, 2010. Ted Stevens was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on September 28, 2010.
"Stevens was one of two survivors in a 1978 plane crash at Anchorage International Airport that killed his wife, Ann, and several others."
Source: Conflicting Reports on Ted Stevens' Condition." CBSNews.com. 8/10/2010.

How Ted and Catherine Met:

Catherine and Ted met on a blind date.

Wedding Date:

Ted and Catherine were married on December 30, 1980 in Anchorage, Alaska.


Ted has six children and several grandchildren.
  • Susan Stevens Covich: Born abt. 1954. Her mother was Ann Cherrington.
  • Beth Stevens: Born abt. 1955. Her mother was Ann Cherrington.
  • Walter Stevens: Born abt. 1956. His mother was Ann Cherrington.
  • Ted Stevens: Born abt. 1957. His mother was Ann Cherrington.
  • Ben Stevens: Born March 1959 in Washington, DC. His mother was Ann Cherrington.
  • Lily Stevens: Born in 1981. Lily is a law clerk in Washington. Her mother is Catherine.


  • The chalet in Girdwood, Alaska
  • A condo in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Washington, DC.


Ted: U.S. Senator for Alaska since December 24, 1968 through January 3, 2009, U.S. attorney, legislative counsel of the Department of the Interior, pilot in the Army Air Corps during WWII.

Catherine: Attorney, federal prosecutor, lobbyist.

Indictment in Stevens Corruption Case:

After the FBI and IRS conducted a joint raid on his Girdwood home in July 2007, Senator Stevens was found guilty on October 27, 2008 of seven counts. The conviction was thrown out by a federal judge on April 7, 2009.
Source: U.S. v. Theodore F. Stevens

Previous Marriages:

Ted was previously married to attorney Ann Mary Cherrington of Denver. After meeting at a DC law firm, when Ann was working with the Foreign Service, they were married on March 29, 1952 in Denver, Colorado. Ann was killed on December 4, 1978 when she was a passenger on a Learjet that crashed at the Anchorage airport. Ann was 49 years old at the time of her death. She was born on September 2, 1929 and raised in Bethesda, Maryland.
Source: Suzan Nightingale. "Ann Stevens was 'special.'" Anchorage Daily News. Vol. XXXII, No. 290. pgs. 1-2. 12/5/78.

Catherine's first marriage ended in divorce.

Quotes About the Marriage of Catherine and Ted Stevens:

Manu Raju: "The senator laughed when she [Catherine] told the jury she calls him “Oscar,” after a character in the film The Odd Couple. The senator calls her “Rosalie,” she said.
Source: Manu Raju. "Wife downplays senator's role in home improvements." RetireTed.com. 10/16/2008.

Sen. Mitch McConnell: "Catherine had to get used to Ted's tenacity early on. The day after their wedding, he agreed to fill in for a colleague on a trip to tout Reaganomics in China. She had never let him live down that "Honeymoon."
Source: "Honoring Senator Ted Stevens." Congressional Record. 4/12/2007.

Tom Hays: "He [Ted] works all the time," said Catherine Stevens, a lawyer who married Stevens in 1980 after meeting him on a blind date. "He's a classic workaholic."
Source: Tom Hays, Jesse J. Holland. "Sen. Ted Stevens due back on witness stand Friday." AP. 10/17/2008.

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