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Share your thoughts and opinions by participating in one of our marriage polls.

Is Your Marriage Typical?
After looking at the results to polls on this site, we got this glimpse of a typical married couple.

Andrea Yates Poll
Do you think justice has been served in the murder case of the five Yates children?

Anniversary Poll
Do you and your spouse celebrate your wedding anniversaries?

Candidates and Infidelity Poll
Would you vote for a presidential candidate who had been an unfaithful spouse?

Checking/Savings Accounts Poll
What type of checking/savings accounts do the two of you have?

Cohabitation Poll
Should couples live together before marriage?

Cohabitation Growth Poll
The Growth in Cohabitation Reflects a Major Change in Tradition -- True/False

Compliments Poll
When was the last time you gave your spouse a compliment?

Dancing Together Poll
How often do you and your spouse dance together?

Dating Your Spouse Poll

Decisions Poll
Would you marry your spouse again?

Divorce Impact Poll
Divorce Hurts Women and Children Emotionally and Financially -- True/False

Divorce Rates Poll
Divorce Rates are Lessened When a Couple is Religious -- True/False

Emotional Affair Poll
Is an emotional affair wrong?

Finances Poll
Do finances create conflict in your marriage?

Good Divorce Poll
Do you believe that good divorces exist?

Happiness Poll
How happily married are you?

Helpful In-laws Poll
Do you have helpful and supportive in-laws?

Importance of Presidential Candidates' Spouses Poll
Could the spouse of a presidential candidate influence how you vote?

Infidelity Poll
Should you confess a one-night stand to your spouse?

In-laws Poll
Do your in-laws create problems in your marriage?

Keeping Your Word Poll
Do you keep your word?

Laughter Poll
Do you and your spouse laugh together?

Lifelong Marriage Poll
Is the idea of lifelong marriage obsolete?

Long Term Marriage Poll
Society Today Has More Long-term Marriages Than in Past Years -- True/False

Low Sex Marriage Poll
Do you have a low sex marriage?

Marriage as Foundation of Society Poll
Philosophers and Theologians Have Placed Marriage as the Foundation of Society -- True/False

Marriage in a Rut Poll
Is your marriage in a rut?

Married to a Bisexual/Gay Poll
Would you remain married to a bisexual or gay spouse?

Marriage as One Man and One Woman Poll
Throughout the Ages Marriage Between One Man and One Woman Has Been Preferred -- True/False

Married to a Fixer Upper Poll
Has your fixer upper spouse's projects created stress in your marriage?

Mother's Day Poll -- Husbands' Perspective
Do you give your wife a gift on Mother's Day?

Mother's Day Poll -- Wives' Perspective
Do you expect a gift from your husband on Mother's Day?

Movie Poll
Did you like "The Story of US" ?

Nasal Spray Poll
Would you use a nasal spray to cut stress or difuse your marital squabbles?

New Year's Resolutions Poll
What is your New Year's resolution for your marriage?

Opposites Poll
Do you believe that opposites attract?

Pets Poll
Has pet ownership created problems in your marriage?

Politics Poll
How do the two of you handle political discussions?

Pornography Poll
Has pornography hurt your marriage?

Prenuptial Poll
Do you think prenuptial or postnuptial agreements are a good idea?

Remodel Poll
Has a remodeling project caused problems in your marriage?

Remote Control Poll
How do you handle the remote control battle?

Romantic Dinner Poll
When was the last time you had a romantic dinner with your spouse?

Second Chances Poll
How many chances should a cheating spouse get?

Separate Vacations Poll
Do you and your spouse take separate vacations in addition to shared vacations?

Settling Poll
Do you think settling in marriage is wrong?

Sex Addiction Poll
Is sex addiction a disease or a convenient excuse to be unfaithful?

Sexual Tolerance Poll
Americans are More Tolerant of All Sexual Activity -- True/False

Sleeping Together Poll
Would you sleep in a separate bed to get a good night's sleep?

Soul Mates Poll
Did you marry your soul mate?

Staying Together for the Kids Poll
Should a couple stay together for the sake of the kids?

Successful Marriage Poll
What Most Creates a Successful Marriage?

Teen Marriage Poll
Do you believe parents should always refuse to give consent to teen marriage?

Television in Bedroom Poll
Do you have a television in your bedroom?

Time Poll
Do you have a time-starved marriage?

Traditions Poll
Are traditions important to you and your spouse?

Valentine's Day Poll
How do you and your spouse celebrate Valentine's Day?

Wandering Eyes Poll
What is your opinion of wandering eyes?

Volunteerism Poll
Do you think volunteerism is hurting your marriage?

Wedding Ring Poll
Is it important for you to have your spouse wear a wedding ring?

Women Eager to Marry Poll
Women are More Eager to Get Married Than Men -- True/False

Working Moms Poll
Mothers Today Want to Stay Home and Not Have a Career -- True/False

Working Together Poll
Has working together hurt your marriage?

Would You Want to Know Poll
Would you want to know if your spouse is cheating?

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