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Presidential Marriages

Here's information about the marriages of the Presidents of the United States, including how they met, their wedding, their children, quotes about marriage, and more.
  1. 18th Century (1)
  2. 19th Century (1)
  3. 20th Century (13)
  4. 21st Century (9)

Marriages of 2012 Presidential and Vice-Presidential Candidates
Listed in alphabetical order, here is information about the marriages of the 2012 Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates.

Marriages of Children of Sitting Presidents
Of the 23 weddings of children of presidents in the oval office, as of 2008, only nine weddings took place in the White House.

Presidents Getting Married!
Here is a retrospective slide show of presidential marriages.

Presidential PDA: Past and Present
Slideshow of Presidents and their First Ladies showing one another affection.

Presidential Marriages Quiz
This interactive quiz lets you see what First Couple you most resemble.

Importance of Presidential Candidates' Spouses Poll
Historically, voters have expressed interest in the marriages of presidential candidates. Some political consultants believe that the spouse of a presidential candidate doesn't really matter. What do you think?

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