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Prison Marriages

Being married to a prisoner is a difficult life-style choice. In 1996, The Aleph Institute reported the divorce rate is 85% among couples where one spouse is incarcerated for one year or more.

How to Marry a Prisoner
Who to contact and what you need.

Why Women Marry Prisoners They Really Don't Know
Generally women who marry prisoners they really don't know tend to be shy, have low self-esteem, consider themselves to be outsiders, have been victims of abuse, and they hunger for an emotional relationship. Here are more reasons why women marry prisoners they met through the mail or through their work.

Prison and Marriage
Can a marriage survive a prison sentence?

How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship
Marriage is a complicated relationship. Being apart physically makes a marriage even more challenging.

How I Fell in Love With A Murderer
Amy Friedman shares with Katie Couric about her 7-year marriage to a prisoner.

The Effects of Incarceration on Families of Prisoners
A paper written by Judee Reeves in 1994 that mentions statistics and what to do.

Families with Loved Ones in Prison organization.

National Marriage Encounter Prison Ministry
Promotes and encourages marriage and family life for incarcerated men and women.

Patterns of Inmate Contact with Families and Friends
Statistics and information about how much contact prisoners have with those they love. "If the inmate's marriage is intact upon admission, he also seems to maintain many other important relationships."

A Jailhouse Lawyer's Manual
The latest edition (as of April 2011) doesn't appear to have much information specifically on prison marriage.

Married to a Prisoner? Share Your Story.
In light of the extremely high divorce rate of prison marriages, where are the successful prison marriage stories? If you are married to a...

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