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Save Your Marriage

If you have problems in your marriage that are causing conflict, anger, and a sense of betrayal, learn how to fight fairly and handle conflict in a healthy way. You can save your marriage. Forgiveness, change, rebuilding trust and seeking help topics are also covered.
  1. Communicate (198)
  2. Don't Change Your Mate (8)
  3. Rebuild Trust (10)
  4. Alternatives to Spying (11)
  5. Forgive (11)
  6. Encounter Weekends (21)
  7. Marriage Counseling (4)

What to Do When Your Marriage Hurts
When your marriage hurts you, knowing what to do can be overwhelming. Here's some ways to deal with a hurt in your marriage.

The Secret to Dealing With a Fork in the Road in Your Marriage
You know you are facing a fork in the road in your marriage when you realize if the two of you don't make a decision to go one way or the other you will hit a brick wall. Sometimes you have a pretty good idea of where the paths lead. Other times you may feel as if you are leaping into a deep canyon without any idea of how far you have to jump.

Does your Marriage Need Help?
All marriages have good times and some bad times. Don't let small issues develop into large ones. Here is help in working through your marriage problems.

Forks in the Road Stories
Every married couple will come face to face with some forks in the road. Readers share their stories of the forks in the road they faced together.

Does Marriage Counseling Work?
Marriage counseling can be help for troubled marriages. This quick test can help you decide if the two of you need marriage therapy.

Fight Fair
In order to save your marriage, the two of you must know how to fight fair and how to deal with conflict.

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