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Marriage Proposals

If you are thinking of popping the question and proposing marriage, here are ideas on how, when, and where to propose marriage. The key things to remember are to keep the marriage proposal simple and private.

15 Essential Tips About Proposing Marriage
Do you want to know how to propose? The first essential in proposing marriage is to pick the right person to marry! Other essentials include keeping your proposal simple. Another is to have fun.

Your Marriage Proposals -- How did you propose to your spouse? Tell u…
Your Marriage Proposals -- How did you propose to your spouse? Tell us your stories.

Readers Share: Proposal Ideas
Ideas about proposing marriage from our readers.

Proposing Marriage Tips and Advice
Create a great memory when you propose marriage. The best marriage proposals are the ones that tug at your heart strings a bit. They don't really have to be fancy or involve major plans. They just need to be memorable.

The 4 Things You Need for a Successful Marriage Proposal
Don't let your marriage proposal become so much bigger than life that it fails. Here's the four key elements of a successful proposal.

Readers Respond: Elaborate Marriage Proposals
Rf your marriage proposal falls into the realm of being an elaborate one, read responses from others and add your own story. Give others some great ideas or help others avoid mistakes you made!

Leap Year Traditions
This is when the gals can do the proposing, from your About.com Guide.

Plowing a Field Proposal
When Chris Mueller wanted to propose to Katie Goltz, he decided to follow a family tradition and plowed his proposal of marriage into a soybean field.

Top 10 Truths About Romance, Men and Engagements
Here are interesting facts about marriage proposals like the majority prefer a quiet intimate dinner for two as the ideal setting for a marriage proposal.

The Perfect Proposal
Think there aren't any new ways to propose? Not true.

Romantic Marriage Proposal Ideas
Here are more marriage proposal ideas arranged by location, holiday, etc. Provided by Romance Stuck.

Planning a Surprising Marriage Proposal
Reader's submissions on how they proposed to their sweetheart or how they were proposed to.

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