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The 4 Things You Need for a Successful Marriage Proposal


Photo © Larry Stritof
Photo © Larry Stritof
Some recent marriage proposals making headlines have included hiding a ring in a seashell, having the ring be found on a scavenger hunt, discovering an engagement ring in a Chinese fortune cookie, carving the marriage proposal in a wheat field to be viewed from a helicopter, writing the marriage proposal in the sky, and proposing marriage at sports events.

The special intimate moment of proposing marriage can be turned into an elaborate and competitive event.

There is a danger that an elaborate marriage proposal can detract from the heartfelt experience it traditionally was meant to be.

What Makes a Successful Marriage Proposal

A successful marriage proposal includes four elements:
  • Surprise.
  • Creation of a positive memory.
  • Being meaningful.
  • Receiving a "yes" to the marriage proposal.

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