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Before You Get Married

Before you get married you need to not only make sure you are marrying the right person, you need to decide how to propose, how to select a ring, deal with being engaged, look at the pros and cons of living together, take pre-marital prep classes, and understand any second thoughts about marriage.
  1. Choose the Right Spouse (3)
  2. Marriage Proposals (12)
  3. Select a Ring (8)
  4. Being Engaged (19)
  5. Living Together (19)
  6. Pre-Marital Prep Classes (7)
  7. Second Thoughts (15)
  8. Marriage Licenses and Laws

What Made You Decide to Get Married?
Everyone knows that getting married is a major life decision. Yet people have different ways of knowing when the time is right to get married and who to marry. How did you decide to get married? What do you wish you had known prior to getting married? What can you share with folks considering getting married? See submissions

The Rush to the Altar
After the 9/11 tragedy, judges and county clerks reported a noticeable increase in couples wanting to get married. This was especially true in locales near military bases.

Four Issues to Consider Before Getting Married
Of course ... there are more than four issues for anyone to consider before making the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone. But after you're pretty sure you found the right person and are getting married for the right reasons, we think these are the top four issues to think about.

Right and Wrong Reasons to Get Married
If you are thinking about getting married, make sure you are getting married for the right reason. Here's a listing of both the right and wrong reasons to get married.

How to Propose
Keep it simple and have fun.

Questions for Engaged Couples
Before you walk down the aisle, talk about finances, sexuality, communication, conflict, parenting, in-laws, leisure time, family of origin, spirituality, expectations, and chores.

Top Wedding Movies
Looking for ideas for your wedding? Watching these movies together may give you some insight into what you want to have at your wedding and what you don't want to experience!

Premarriage Questions List
Here is a list of engaged couples' questions in our articles on one page so the questions are easier to print.

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