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Four Issues to Consider Before Getting Married

Have More Than Couple Chemistry


Photo: Muratsen / iStockphoto
Photo: Muratsen / iStockphoto

Of course ... there are more than four issues for anyone to consider before making the decision to spend the rest of your life with someone. But after you're pretty sure you found the right person, feel couple chemistry together, and are getting married for the right reasons, we think these are the top four issues to consider before walking down the aisle.

  • Your ages -- The recommendation is to wait until you are both at least 25 years old. More ...
  • Finances -- A combined income of at least $50,000 per year would help limit the stress that can come from having to cope with overdue bills, broken dreams, different spending and saving expectations, bill collectors, and fear that you could lose everything. More ...
  • Sexual compatibility -- You need to be sexually compatible at the beginning of your marriage if you want your sexual intimacy with one another to become more satisfying through the years. More ...
  • And a willingness to accept mutual responsibility for household chores and child care -- Both of you need to be willing to share in running your home and open to being flexible in how to deal with changes in your lifestyle. More ...

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