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Marriage by Proxy in Colorado

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Marriage by proxy is allowed in Colorado only if either the groom or bride cannot appear due to illness, is out of the state of Colorado, or incarcerated.

In these case, the bride or groom can obtain an absentee application. It must be notarized. Identification for the absent party must be provided by the other soon to be spouse when applying for the license.

Text of Law:

14-2-109, Solemnization and registration.

    (2) If a party to a marriage is unable to be present at the solemnization, such party may authorize in writing a third person to act as such party's proxy. If the person solemnizing the marriage is satisfied that the absent party is unable to be present and has consented to the marriage, such person may solemnize the marriage by proxy. If such person is not satisfied, the parties may petition the district court for an order permitting the marriage to be solemnized by proxy.
Source: Colorado Uniform Marriage Act,

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