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Mississippi Minors Marriage

Mississippi Minors Marriage



The actual wording of the Mississippi marriage license laws regarding minors getting married is confusing. We wrote the paragraph for the site after talking with several County Clerks in Mississippi.

You can read the actual law at Mississippi Code

Our understanding is that folks who are under 21, yet over 17, can apply for a license, but if they don't have parental permission, the marriage license is held for three days, and their parents are notified by certified mail of the application for a license. If parents don't intervene, then the license is released for a couple to get married.

Couples not yet 17, need parental permission, and may also need judicial approval. Marriage Licenses cannot be issued to males under 17 or females under 15 years of age unless the parents petition the judge to waive the minimum age requirements.

It is best to check with the county and talk with someone in the clerk's office to understand how they are interpreting the law.

Another roadblock for minors is that Mississippi requires a blood test. Many laboratories will not perform blood tests on minors without parental permission.

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