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Looking for what others have said about marriage?
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Favorite Quotations About Marriage -- Readers Share Favorite …
Sometimes a quote about marriage can be exactly the words you need to hear at a particular time in your life. What are some of your favorite quotations about marriage?

Quotes About Marriage That We Like
When we gathered quotations about marriage for our Daily Marriage Quotes Newsletter, some quotes jumped out at us as being so "right on" when it comes to marriage. Here are a few quotes about marriage we really like.

Marriage Secrets of Famous Couples
Although the headlines of the rich and famous often focus on the divorces of famous couples, many famous couples do have long-lasting marriages. Here are some of their marriage secrets and tips.

Quotes About the Marriage of George Lopez and Ann Serrano
Here are some quotes by and about the marriage of George Lopez and Ann Serano including their breakup after their daughter was born, their reconciliation, and George's recent surgery.

Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee on Open Marriage
Here are some quote about open marriage from Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis whose thoughts about open marriage changed over time.

Marriage Tips from Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis
Here are some marriage tips from Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis who had a 56 year marriage of mutual respect and dignity with one another.

Katharine Hepburn on Love and Marriage
Katharine Hepburn was outspoken on many topics, especially marriage. Here are some of her more notable quotes on love and marriage.

Love and Relationship Quotes
A gathering of quotes about love and relationships.

Marital Rape Quotations
What others have said about the crime of marital rape. Some of the comments are so outrageous and dumb it is hard to believe anyone actually made those remarks!

A Toast to the Newlyweds
A collection of special toasts for the toast challenged among us.

Daily Celebrations -- Quotations
A listing of quotations about marriage.

Wedding Toasts
Terry Clark has lots of toasts.

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