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The reality stage of marriage can be a scary time as the two of you may feel disallusionment, keep score, think that the two of you are in a rut, play power struggle games, and fuss with one another over little things.

Marriage in a Rut
If you view your marriage as being on a one-way track to nowhere or feel stifled, your marriage is in a rut. What do you do to get your marriage out of a rut? Share your get out of a rut ideas.

Seven Steps to Getting Your Marriage Out of a Rut
It took time to get your marriage in a rut. It will take time to get your marriage out of a rut. Here is a seven-step approach to help the two of you get your marriage out of a rut and to repair your marriage.

When you are in disillusionment you may find yourself more critical of your spouse and easily irritated by your spouse's behaviors and opinions. Spontaneity and romance generally decline during disillusionment.

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