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Why You Should Always Plan Your Vacations Together

Talk About Your Expectations


Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

Photo: Larry Stritof
The two of you need to plan any trips or staycations together. And make sure you discuss what types of recreation are important to each of you.

Many couples spend countless hours planning their honeymoon, yet they go on a vacation together without putting much thought into it at all.

Things to Consider About Your Vacation

  • Does he want to do some golfing or fishing but she would like to visit some museums and have a romantic dinner?

    Are you both wanting really nice accommodations or are you willing to stay in budget motels so you have more money to spend on other attractions?

  • If one is an outdoor person and one is a luxury at any price type, you could have problems. Talk about how you can work through these differences in planning your vacation.
  • What is your ideal vacation like? Hectic, fast paced, tiring? Or relaxing, rejuvenating and stress free?
  • Realize that unmet expectations, tiredness, problems from lack of planning, and miscommunication can ruin your vacation. Make the time so that each trip you take is as important as your first honeymoon.

Talk About Your Expectations

Make sure that at least one expectation you each have is met. Your trips together will then be remembered as successful ones.

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