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Information about the weddings and marriages of married couples in the world of royalty.
  1. William and Kate (2)
  2. Charles and Camilla (5)

Left-Handed Marriage
Explanation of the term left-handed marriage.

Duchess of Alba and Alfonso Diez Marriage Profile
The Duchess of Alba married Alfonso Diez even though her children objected to the marriage initially.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Marriage Profile
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip made history with the celebration of their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Queen Elizabeth is the first British monarch to celebrate sixty years of marriage. Here is information on how Elizabeth and Philip met, their wedding, and more.

Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier
Here's information about the fairy tale romance, wedding, and marriage of actress Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier of Monaco.

The Duke of Windsor and Wallis Warfield Simpson
The relationship and marriage of Edward VIII and Wallis Warfield Simpson sparked sensational headlines in newspapers around the world. The text of Edward's abdication radio announcement is included.

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert II Marriage Profile
Here is information about how Prince Albert II and Charlene Wittstock met, their wedding, and more.

Morganatic Marriage
Definition and explanation of a morganatic marriage.

Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI Marriage Profile
Marie Antoinette was a convenient scapegoat for the problems that France faced during her marriage to Louis XVI.

Tom Parker Bowles and Sara Buys
Although the bride was around 20 minutes late, the wedding of Tom Parker Bowles and Sara Buys was described as a classy, traditional affair. Here's more information about Tom and Sara.

Felipe and Letizia
Information about the marriage of Prince Felipe de Bourbon of Spain and Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano

Mary Donaldson, Crown Princess of Denmark
In a fairy-tale romance which had its beginnings in the heady days of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games, Australian-born Mary Donaldson became Crown Princess of Denmark at her wedding to Danish Crown Prince Frederik on May 14, 2004.

Ten Royal Weddings to Remember
The Smithsonian offers information about British monarchs who "had their marriages tested by war, infidelity, politics and diplomatic intrigue."

A History of Royal Weddings
The BBC explores major British royal weddings. The article include radio and BBC television clips.

Shattering the Royal Marriage Myth
Background information on Britain's royal marriages.

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