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Same-Sex Marriage

If you are considering a same-sex marriage, these resources and information about same-sex marriage may help you cope with legal aspects of your decision.
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Same-Sex Marriage License Laws
Listing of same-sex marriage in U.S. marriage license laws.

Same-Sex Marriage FAQ
There are now three countries that recognize same-sex marriages. Here are frequently asked questions about these unions.

Same-Sex Marriage in Louisiana
Information about the same-sex marriage law and constitutional amendment in Louisiana.

Same-Sex Marriage in Missouri
Information about same-sex marriage law and constitutional amendment in Missouri.

Same Sex Marriage Law in Georgia
Information about the laws in Georgia regarding same sex marriage.

Hawaii Supreme Court Same-Sex Ruling in 1999
The unanimous same-sex ruling in December, 1999 against the effort to recognize same-sex marriage in Hawaii by the Hawaii Supreme Court was hailed as a victory for those who advocate traditional marriage.

Berdache Marriages
Definition of a berdache marriage.

Boston Marriage
Definition of the term Boston Marriage.

The Marriage Amendment Debate
Text of the proposed Marriage Amendment.

A Christian Declaration of Marriage
Why all the fuss about the Christian Declaration of Marriage? Here are the pros and cons of this document.

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newson's Statements
Read the full texts of the Mayor's statements on granting marriage licenses to same-sex couples in San Francisco.

Massachusetts Court's Same-Sex Marriage Decision
When the Massachusetts State Senate asked the state's high court for an advisory opinion regarding allowing gays to join in civil unions, they were probably hoping for a different answer than the one they received on February 4, 2004.

Civil Unions, Domestic Partnership & Gay Marriage
Here's help in deciphering the meaning of civil unions, domestic partnerships and the benefits allotted under each law.

San Francisco Lesbian Wedding
Kathy Belge's personal commentary on her wedding to her long time partner, Tay. The article also has links to San Francisco gay wedding photos.

Massachusetts makes it Legal!
The latest Massachusetts court opinion means that gays and lesbians can file for marriage licenses on May 17, 2004.

Heterosexual Marriage Benefits
Gay Life Ramon Johnson lists a few of the 1,049 benefits the United States government provides to married couples.

Massachusetts Court Ruling
Lesbian Life Guide Kathy Belge reports on the Massachusett's court decision and features reactions and more quotes from the court's decision.

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