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Why You Should Hold Hands

Nonsexual Touch in Your Marriage


Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images
Photo: George Doyle / Getty Images
When we are standing in a line at a movie theater or waiting for a seat in a restaurant, Bob often puts his hand on my shoulder. When we are walking, we hold hands. When I see that he is tired, I give him a quick neck rub. Just stroking his forehead brings about a sigh of satisfaction.

We are firm believers in the importance of nonsexual touch in marriage.

What is Nonsexual Touch?

Here are more examples of affection and nonsexual touch in marriage:
  • Holding hands both privately and in public.
  • Nonsexual massage of neck, shoulders, back.
  • Hugs.
  • Sitting close to one another both privately and in public.
  • Kisses, especially unexpected kisses.
  • Holding one another.
  • Cuddling, snuggling.
  • Walking arm in arm.
  • Stroking.
  • Reaching across the table to touch hands.
  • Simple caring and tender gestures such as resting your hand on your spouse's leg.
  • Putting your hand on your spouse's shoulder.
  • Gentle caresses.

Why is Nonsexual Touch Important in Your Marriage?

Nonsexual touch and other signs of affection strengthens your marriage relationship, creates a comforting and calming atmosphere in your home, builds trust between the two of you, and deepens your intimacy with one another.

Do not let nonsexual touch become a thing of the past in your marriage!

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