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Does Your Spouse Snore?

What to do About a Snoring Spouse


Bedmates of snorers generally lose an average of one hour of sleep per night and wake up an average of 21 times per hour.

Being awakened by your partner's snoring is called spousal arousal syndrome. Here are some suggestions to help not only yourself, but also your spouse sleep more soundly.

  • Talk with your spouse about the snoring problem. If the problem isn't acknowledged, it can't be solved.

  • Look for possible situations that could contribute to your spouse's snoring. Some common reasons people snore include being overweight, consuming alcohol before going to bed, smoking, and sleeping on one's back.

  • Be open to checking out medical causes for the snoring problem. Allergies or an anatomical abnormality may need to be diagnosed. Sleep apnea could also be a cause. If so, sleep apnea is a dangerous condition that needs medical attention.

Where You Can Get Some Help With Snoring Problems

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