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Peggy Viehland and Steve Fossett Marriage Profile


Photo: David Dyson-Pool / Getty Images

Peggy and Steve Fossett in Bournemouth, England, February 11, 2006 after an unscheduled landing.

Photo: David Dyson-Pool / Getty Images
Although reportedly not liking the risks her husband Steve Fossett takes, Peggy Fossett was supportive of her husband's adventures. Here is more information about the marriage of Peggy and Steve Fossett.

News Updates:

11/03/08: "Authorities on Monday said they have positively identified two large bones found a half mile from the crash site of Steve Fossett's plane in California's Sierra Nevada as the adventurer's remains."
Source: "Bones near crash site are Fossett's." msnbc.com. 11/03/08.

10/2/2008: "A small amount of human remains has been found in the wreckage of the plane that adventurer Steve Fossett was flying when he disappeared last year, a National Transportation Safety Board official said Thursday."
Source: Chuck Afflerbach. "Some remains found in Fossett plane wreckage." Cnn.com. 10/2/2008.

10/02/08: "The wreckage of a plane found near Mammoth Lakes has been confirmed to be that of missing adventurer Steve Fossett, authorities said today. No body has been found, ... [plane] slammed into a mountain in the Inyo National Forest at the 10,000-foot elevation. The wreckage was first spotted on Wednesday."
Source: Kevin Fagan. Wreckage is that of Fossett's plane. SFGate.com. 10/02/08.

9/10/07: Peggy Fossett: "On behalf of our family, we are indebted to the hundreds of friends and volunteers who are looking for, and the millions around the world who are praying for Steve’s safe return."

9/06/07: The search for Steve Fossett continued. He was reported missing on Monday, 9/3/07, after taking what was to be a short flight.
Source: SFGate.com


Steven Fossett: April 22, 1944 in Jackson, Tennessee.

Peggy Viehland: St. Louis, Missouri native.


After Peggy Fossett filed a petition in Cook County Circuit Court in Illinois on 11/26/2007, Steve Fossett was declared legally dead on 2/15/08 by the Cook County Circuit Court. He was reported missing after taking a short flight on 9/3/07. Steve was 63 years old at the time of his disappearance.

Wedding Date:

Abt. 1967.


Peggy and Steve had no children.


Steve: Businessman, commodities broker, financier, investment executive, world record winning adventurer, endurance sportsman, aviator, racecar driver, yachtsman, and balloonist.

Peggy: Retired senior portfolio manager.


Peggy and Steve have lived in Beaver Creek, Colorado since their 1989 move there from Chicago, Illinois.

Quotes About Peggy and Steve Fossett Marriage:

Peggy: "I am proud to be his wife, supporter, and a member of the crew."
Source: Steve Fossett, Chasing the Wind: the Autobiography of Steve Fossett, forward.

Kirsten Scharnberg, correspondent: "[Brian] Spaeth said that Peggy Fossett, who has often been described by her husband as being risk-adverse and strongly opposed to many of his perilous adventures, was anxiously staying at the Flying M Ranch."
Source: ChicagoTribune.com, "Fossett, aircraft missing in Nevada, 9/05/07.

Peggy, when asked what she does when her husband is away on new challenges: "I shop!"
Source: VailDaily.com

John Gregg: "There are two things you should know about Steve Fossett: First up, he eats determination for breakfast; Second, he must have the most understanding wife in the world."
Source: SailingScuttlebutt.com, 2000 interview.

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