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Stress in Marriage

Stress can be both good and bad for your marriage. The key is how you handle it and if you can recognize eustress in your relationship.
  1. Coping with Disaster and...

Life Event Stress Tests
Although the level of stress assigned to marriage varies depending on which life events stress tests you take, being married is considered a highly stressful experience.

Coping With Stress in Your Marriage
The impact of stress and burnout on a marriage can be devastating. Here are some tips on handling stress.

Holiday Marital Stress
Here are the danger signs of too much holiday stress in your relationship and what you can do about it.

Knowing When to Say No
Are you a "yes" person or a "yes" couple? Doing too much for others can have a negative impact on your marriage.

Breathe Together
Reduce stress in your lives by making time to breathe together.

Reasons for Newlywed Stress
A look at the top stresses newlyweds face in their first year of marriage.

Stress - Is it Good or Bad?
It's both. The key is knowing your limits, having some skills for dealing with distress, and looking for ways to enhance eustress.

How Your Stress Affects Your Spouse
When you are stressed, your spouse could be affected both emotionally and physically by your stress.

How Do You Cope With Stress in Your Marriage?
If the two of you don't handle the stress in your lives, your marriage will suffer. How do you cope with stress? Share your experience.

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