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Here are marriage tests and quizzes. Some are serious and some are just for fun! They include compatibility, self-awareness, and love and romance tests.
  1. Compatibility Questionnaire (2)
  2. Personality Tools (3)
  3. Rate Your Relationship (2)
  4. How Romantic Are You (1)
  5. Sexuality Quizzes (3)
  6. Love Tests (1)

The Marriage Pop Quiz Battle
Take a look at the differences of opinion that two marriage experts have about issues in marriage today.

Pop Quiz Polls
True or False: Women are more eager to get married than men.

What Type of In-Law Are You?
In-laws are a fact of life. When you get married, you will have in-laws to cope with. When your kids marry, you will become an in-law. Hopefully, you won't be the mother-in-law or father-in-law that jokes are written about. This quiz is to help you determine if your relationship with your married kids is in jeopardy.

Marriage History Quiz
Test your knowledge of marriage history with this quiz.

Life Event Stress Tests
Although the level of stress assigned to marriage varies depending on which life events stress tests you take, being married is considered a highly stressful experience.

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