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Ann and Art Buchwald Marriage Profile


After spending 40 years together, Ann and Art decided to separate. Two years later, before Ann died, she and Art reconciled.

Here is information about how Art and Ann met, their wedding, their children, and more.


Arthur (Art) Buchwald: October 20, 1925 in Mount Vernon, New York.

Ann McGarry: April 18, 1920 in Warren, Pennsylvania.


Art: January 17, 2007 in Washington, D.C. at his son's home. Art died from kidney failure at age 81. After experiencing kidney dialysis, Art decided in February 2006 to not have further kidney dialysis.

Art asked to "be cremated along with gifts and pictures of his family and closest friends."
Source: Columnists.com

Art was interred at the Vineyard Haven Cemetery.

Ann: July 3, 1994 at her home in Washington, D.C. of lung cancer at age 74. Ann was buried on the island of Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts.

How Art and Ann Met:

In Paris in 1950, while Ann was working as a publicist for Pierre Balmain, "during her first month in the city that she had gone to a friend's hotel room to borrow a typewriter and was warned not to become alarmed, there would be a man in the room who had promised to help the friend exchange dollars on the black market. She found a mysterious man wearing a sporty hat and horn-rimmed glasses who was fast asleep in a wing chair. The man was her future husband, then a columnist with the Paris Herald-Tribune."
Source: The Washington Post, July 5, 1994.
"She initially resisted his charms but he won her over by, among other things, standing on the balcony outside her window and reciting inspirational poetry, dressed only in his underwear and a French fireman's helmet. "That would always break her up and she'd let me in," he (Art) remembers.
Source: TheStandard.com

Wedding Date:

After Lena Horne found a priest to marry them, Art and Ann were married on October 12, 1952 at Westminster Cathedral in London, England.

Guests at their wedding included Gene Kelly, Rosemary Clooney, John Huston, Jose Ferrer, and Perle Mesta.

"At Buchwald's wedding to Ann McGarry in 1952, Gene Kelly danced with the bride and Rosemary Clooney toasted the groom."
Source: Time.com


In 1992, Art and Ann separated. "After 40 years of marriage, satirist Art Buchwald and his wife, Ann, had just returned from a trip to Europe, when they looked at each other and decided out of the blue to call it quits."
Source: Mountain Democrat, 11-30-1992.

Ann and Art reconciled during her final illness. "But in 1994, as Ann was dying of cancer and Buchwald was writing the book, they made peace by way of shared memory: "Paris brought us together in the beginning," Buchwald says in his dedication to Ann, "and it brought us together at the end."
Source: Time.com


Ann and Art adopted three children from Ireland, Spain, and France.
  • Joel Buchwald: Married to Tamara.
  • Conchita (Connie) Mathilda Buchwald Marks:
  • Marie Jennifer Buchwald: Lives in Massachusetts.


Art and Ann lived in Washington, D.C. and had a summer home on Martha's Vineyard. Located in Vineyard Haven, the home was a three-story house built in 1888 with a large yard.


Art: Jewish.

Ann: Catholic.


Art: Syndicated humor columnist, political satirist, celebrity journalist, and author. Art was a winner of the Pulitzer Prize. He served in the U.S. Marine Corps from October 1942 to October 1945.

Ann: Literary agent, author, publicist, and fashion coordinator. She wrote three children's books on manners.

Buchwald Books Mentioning Their Marriage and About Marriage:

I'll Always Have Paris: A Memoir (1996)
by Art Buchwald
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Seems Like Yesterday (1980)
by Ann Buchwald, interrupted by Art Buchwald
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Stella in Heaven: Almost a Novel (2002)
by Art Buchwald
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Quotes About the Marriage of Art and Ann Buchwald:

Time Magazine, June 26, 2006: "Question: Have there been times in your life when humor didn't seem like enough to get you through? ... And more recently? Art: Yes -- I lost my wife. I lost my wife."
Source: Time.com

Art about Ann: "Those last days were very precious. Paris brought us together in the beginning and it brought us together at the end."
Source: NYtimes.com, from dedication in I'll Always Have Paris.

Ann: "Because my husband and I met in Paris, were married in London, then went on to live many years in Paris, my life has been a wondrous affair. We traveled, learned French, redecorated apartments, and watched our children grow until it was obligatory to decide whether they would grow up French or American. We opted for a return to the States and to Washington, DC, because John F. Kennedy was president at the time and we'd never lived there before (it also looked a lot like Paris right down to the complicated traffic patterns). We ... travel, laugh a lot, work hard, and vacation at Martha's Vineyard where we have had a house since 1979."
Source: Contemporary Authors Online, Gale, 2003.

Art about marriage: "When you're married, you sort of have a line, and you walk that line. You don't look to the left, you don't look to the right; you look straight ahead. When you're not married, you don't know where to look. That's the theme of the book."
Source: Bookpage.com

About the Buchwalds: "After a short courtship, the two were married -- through the maneuverings of Lena Horne -- in Westminster Cathedral. Gene Kelly, John Huston, Jose Ferrer, and Perle Mesta were among the luminaries on hand to wish them well. Unable to have children, the young couple adopted three in the span of two years. After 40 years of marriage, the Buchwalds separated, and Ann died in 1994. Even so, Buchwald dedicates the book to her, and it is clear throughout that she remains at the heart of his fondest memories."
Source: Bookpage.com

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