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Frank Lloyd Wright and Catherine Tobin Marriage Profile

Frank Left Catherine with Six Children


Kitty dealt with Frank's reckless and unpredictable personality and his infidelities for many years.


Frank Lloyd Wright: 6/8/1867 in Richland Center, Wisconsin. Birth name: Frank Lincoln Wright. He changed his name after his parents divorced.

Catherine Lee (Kitty) Clark Tobin: 3/25/1871 in Nebraska.


Frank: 4/9/1959 in Phoenix, Arizona (Taliesin West) at the age of 92.

Catherine Lee (Kitty): 3/24/1959.

How Frank and Kitty Met:

Frank and Kitty met in 1889 at a social held at his Uncle Jenkin's church.

Wedding Date:

Kitty and Frank were married on 6/1/1889 on a rainy day in Chicago, Illinois. She was 17 years old. They honeymooned in Wisconsin. Frank gave Kitty the Oak Park Home as a wedding present.


During Frank and Mamah's affair Catherine referred to Mamah as a "vampire" and an "upstart." Catherine would not allow Frank to see his children when Mamah was present.

Initially, Catherine believed that Frank was a victim and that he would return to her and his children.

Catherine's hope during 1909-1910 was that through "her love, her lonely vigil and her conviction that all would end happily."
Source: Frank Lloyd Wright: A Biography, page 204.

Later, when she realized that he would not return, Catherine was angry, resentful, and saw herself as being a helpless pawn in a game.

According to Sauk County, Wisconsin records, Kitty didn't give Frank a divorce until 11/13/1922. Their divorce required Frank to pay Kitty alimony.

In June 1930, Kitty married Benjamin Eldridge Page, a widowed, retired, Chicago businesman who was the treasurer of the corporation handling Frank's finances. Kitty and Benjamin divorced in 1937.

Occupations and Interests:

Frank: Notable architect and designer. Frank loved to entertain.

Catherine Lee (Kitty): Social worker and artist.



Anne Baxter, Frank's granddaughter: “My grandfather Frank Lloyd Wright wore a red sash on his wedding night. That is glamour!”
Source: ThinkExist.com

About their marital difficulties: "That's a dress that Frank designed for her--one of the many difficulties he put her through was designing strange dresses for her to wear."
Source: Trishmorse.com

Frank, about leaving Catherine, 1/1912: "Never have I reflected upon Mrs. Wright in any way or upon her attitude in this at any time -- nor ever will. I took the privilege of acting according to my sense of right no matter what it cost her. ... It is beyond question now that I could never live in the married state as it now exists. ... Mrs. Wright and I only angered and stultified one another. The children were demoralized by that depressing consciousness in the atmosphere."
Source: About Wright: An Album of Recollections by Those Who Knew Frank Lloyd Wright, page 72.


Although he had difficulty relating to his children, Frank had six children with Catherine.
  • Frank Lloyd Wright Jr aka Lloyd Wright: Born 3/31/1890 in Oak Park, Illinois. Architect in Los Angeles, California. Died 5/31/1978 in Santa Monica, California. Married once.
  • John Lloyd Wright: Born 12/12/1892 in Oak Park, Illinois. Inventor of Lincoln Logs. He died on 12/20/1972 in Del Mar, San Diego, California. Married three times.
  • Catherine Dorothy Wright: Born 1/12/1894 in Oak Park, Illinois. Died 1/27/1979. Married once. One of her children was actress Anne Baxter.
  • David Samuel Wright: Born 9/26/1895 in Oak Park, Illinois. A businessman. Died 11/1/1997. Married three times.
  • Frances Lloyd Wright: Born 9/3/1898 in Oak Park, Illinois. Died 2/11/1959. Married twice.
  • Robert Llewellyn Wright: Born 11/5/1903 in Oak Park, Illinois. Lawyer. Died 2/22/1986. Married once.

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