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Juana and Diego Velazquez Marriage Profile


Married as teenagers, Juana Pacheco and Diego Velazquez's long lasting marriage ended when Diego died at the age of sixty-one. Juana died a few days later.

Here is information about how Diego and Juana met, their children, and more.


Diego Rodriguez de Silva y Velázquez: Baptized on June 6, 1599 in Seville, Spain.

Dona Juana de Miranda Pacheco: June 1, 1602 in Seville, Spain.


Diego Velázquez: August 6, 1660 in Madrid, Spain of a fever. Diego was buried in the Fuensalida vault at San Juan Bautista.

Juana: August 10, 1660 in Madrid, Spain. Juana was buried next to Diego. Some sources list August 14, 1660 as the date of her death.

How Juana and Diego Met:

Diego met Juana while he was a student at the school of her father, artist Francisco Pacheco.

Wedding Date:

They were married on April 23, 1618 when Diego was 19 and Juana was 16.


Juana and Diego had two daughters:
  • Francisca de Silva Velázquez y Pacheco: Born in 1619. She was baptized on May 18, 1619. Francisca married painter Juan Bautista Martinez del Mazo in Madrid, Spain on August 21, 1633 at the Church of Santiago in Madrid. Francisca and Juan had six children. Francisca died in 1658.
  • Ignacia de Silva Velazquez y Pacheco: Ignacia was baptized on January 1, 1621. She died in infancy.


Diego: Spanish painter, court artist. Diego was invested as a knight of the Order of Santiago by Philip IV in 1659.


Diego and Juana lived in Madrid, Spain.

Quotes About the Marriage of Juana and Diego Velazquez:

Francisco Pacheco: "At the end of five years of education and teaching, I married him to my daughter, (Dona Juana,) moved thereto by his virtue, honour, and excellent qualities, and the hopefulness of his great natural genius."
Source: William Stirling Maxwell, Velazquez and His Works, 1885, page 39-40.

"On 23 April Velazquez marries Juana, daughter of his teacher Pacheco, who brings several houses in Seville to the marriage as her dowry. Within less than three years they have two daughters, of whom only one, Francisca, survives."
Source: Norbert Wolf, Diego Velazquez: 1599-1660: The Face of Spain, 1999, page 94.

"Velazquez married his daughter, Juana, on 23 April 1618. Soon after the couple had two daughters, Francisca and Ignacia, who were baptized on 18 May 1619 and 1 January 1621 respectively." Source: Jonathan Brown, Velazquez: Painter and Courtier, 1988, page 7.

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