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Over scheduling and time pressures can destroy a marriage.
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Self Care Enhances Your Marriage
One of the standard closing lines we use in letters and emails is "Take care." And we mean it. We often tell our readers to remember the importance of taking care of themselves, both emotionally and physically. That means minimally getting enough sleep, consuming a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, and having some fun and laughter in life.

How Do You Slow Down, Re-Create, Recharge, or Unplug as a Couple
As individuals, we all need to make time to slow down and recharge. As couples we need to do the same. How do you slow down, re-create, recharge, or unplug as a couple?

Living in the Moment
If you live in the moment, if you are mindful, you will have a more satisfying marriage and you will fight less and feel less defensive in your marriage.

The Importance of Now
Living in the moment, recognizing the importance of now, will help the two of you have a better marriage. How do you live in the moment? What tips can you share to help others live in the moment?

Lack of Time Together
Have you had success solving the lack of time together issue in your marriage? Share your tips here.

Who Was That Masked Man ... ?
Here are a few suggestions for making some time to highlight your marriage relationship.

Don't Touch That Button!
For many years, married couples have found themselves at odds with one another over the remote control. Who has the remote? Where is the remote? Who keeps control of the remote? Did you hide the remote? Did you mess up the programming on the remote? Did you break the remote?

Separate Vacations for Married Couples
Separate vacations are not a threat to your stable, happy marriage if you also make time for shared vacations.

Time Alone Poll
Marriage experts state that if you find yourself on edge, grumpy, depressed, overwhelmed, exhausted, stressed, or resentful, you may need some time alone. Is time alone (personal time) important to you?

Separate Vacations Poll
Many marriage experts believe that taking separate vacations now and then is a good idea. Do you agree? Do you and your spouse take separate vacations in addition to shared vacations?

Time Poll
Lack of time and busy schedules negatively impact marriages in many ways. Time-starved marriages often have difficulty handling chores around the house, finances, and making time for one another, themselves, their children, extended family, friends, and having fun.

Is Your Marriage Running on Empty?
Author Mira Kirshenbaum writes in her book, "The Weekend Marriage", that the American state of matrimony is all too often the victim of what she calls "Murphy's law" of marriage: "The less time you have together, the more things go wrong in your relationship." Here are some warning signs of a time-starved marriage and what you can do about it.

How to Have Quality Time
Many couples today find that being married doesn't guarantee that they will have quality time with one another. Busy spouses have to plan to spend time together. Here are some ideas.

Volunteerism Poll
The time you spend as a volunteer can hurt your marriage. Do you think volunteerism is hurting your marriage?

Knowing When to Say NO
Volunteerism can hurt your marriage. If you and your spouse are finding yourselves with no time for your relationship or your kids, perhaps you are having a problem saying NO.

Too Tired for Sex?
A 2001 survey revealed that there are a great many married couples who are just too tired to have sex.

Browsing in a Bookstore
Marriage tip on how to spend an afternoon together.

It is Okay to Want Some Time Alone
Most everyone needs some quiet time alone, and time to re-energize, regroup, and reconnect. Here are some suggestions on how to create space for some time alone.

Take Back Your Time Day Is Good for Marriage
Feeling overwhelmed, overtired, and stress in your marriage from overscheduling? Participate in the The Take Back your Time movement. It challenges overwork, overscheduling, and lack of time in people's fast-paced lives. October 24, 2004, is the second annual Take Back Your Time Day. It will be celebrated in more than 200 communities.

The Best Thing ...
What is the best thing about having your spouse away overnight and what is the best thing about having your spouse home again? See submissions

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