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Some Solutions for a Time-Starved Marriage


Here are some solutions for a time-starved marriage.

  • Be honest with each other about the time issues in your lives. Track a week of how you all spend your time. Evaluate time you spend with your children, with one another, on your jobs, doing chores, as a family, having fun, etc. As you examine your schedules, look for ways to trim it that will give you both a sense of hope for your future.
  • Focus more on your husband-wife relationship. Ask yourselves if you think your kids are seeing the love you two have for one another.
  • Make sure the two of you are connecting with each other each day. This can be accomplished by a long kiss or hug, a back rub or a quick head massage with a tingler, daily dialogue time, a morning snuggle, playing a game together, having some cuddle time, or taking a walk around your yard.
  • Don't put yourselves on hold, either personally or as a couple. Take care of yourself both emotionally and physically. Make time to take a walk, read a book, relax in a hot tub, laugh, listen to music you enjoy, get a good night's sleep. You will be setting a good example for your children on how to live a balanced life.
  • Say no more often to errands, chores, social activities with others, overtime, volunteer work, meetings, etc.
  • Don't watch the news every night, or read the full newspaper every day. Don't read Twitter or your RSS feed every day. They steal time from you.
  • Have at least one date night each month. Sometimes reserving the same date each month helps in not scheduling something else on your date night.
  • Send emails to each other and leave love notes around the house.
  • Find ways to make the most of every precious moment you have with each other.

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