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Too Tired for Sex?

Survey Findings


In June, 2001, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development surveyed managers who worked more than 48 hours per week. The survey revealed that there are a great many married couples who are just too tired to have sex.

Survey Findings

  • Nearly 1/3 admitted that work-related tiredness caused their sex life to suffer.
  • 14% reported a loss of, or reduced, libido.
  • Most self-described workaholics who participated in the survey were male, middle-aged, and married.
  • Average income was put at 32,000 pounds ($47,020).
  • The respondents generally had spouses who also worked.
  • 70% of partners reported their spouse was even too tired to talk.
  • 54% of partners said their sex life was suffering due to their spouse's long hours at work.
  • 43% admitted to being fed up with having to shoulder most of the household chores.
  • 42% believed their long work hours was the cause of arguments at home.
  • One in three shared feelings of guilt about "missing out on their children growing up."
  • Many admitted to having made mistakes at work.
  • More than half believed they didn't have balance in their lives.

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