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Tips for Spouses Who Work Too Much

Is Your Work Hurting Your Marriage?


Workaholism puts a marriage at risk. Spouses of workaholics often feel estranged from their mates and express less affection.

Before the dawn of laptops, cell phones, PDA's, and other electronic gadgets, leaving work at the office was not as difficult as it is in today's world.

You don't have to be a total workaholic to have your work negatively impact your marriage.

Tips to Prevent Work From Hurting Your Marriage

  • Understand the importance of drawing a line between work and home.
  • Make sure that you don't use the master bedroom for your home office. The master bedroom should be off limits to computers and televisions!
  • When you first arrive home from work, give your spouse a big hug and kiss. Then spend some time talking together about how the day went. Don't do anything else til you do this.
  • Don't use your work schedule as an excuse to cop out on doing your share of the household chores.
  • Try to do one thing at a time.
  • Turn off your landline phone, cell phone, and other electronic devices that could interrupt you from spending time with your spouse and children.
  • Find a way to unwind from the office before you walk through the door at home.
  • Sit in your car for 10 minutes a block away.
  • Stop at a park to jog or walk.
  • Work out a gym for a few minutes.
  • Listen to an audio book or music.
  • If you work at home, make sure that you have some sort of a buffer zone between your home office and the rest of your home.
  • A door
  • A shelf with plants or books
  • A screen
  • Hanging beads
  • A curtain or drape
  • Stick to your scheduled work hours. It isn't fair to your spouse or your kids to work longer than expected.
    • Sure, there may be times when you have to work than you planned. Just don't make the extra work hours a daily occurrence.
    • If your work schedule will temporarily include longer hours for awhile, make sure that you have at least one night during the week, and one day during the weekend to spend time together.

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