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Here are quick tips and strategies to help you have a successful, long-term marriage.
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How to Create a Happy Marriage
Happiness for yourself, both as a married partner and as an individual needs to come from within yourself.

Marriage Favors
Many married couples ask one another for favors. Can you do me a favor? Will you do me a favor? Honey, do me a favor. I want you to do me a favor. We think husbands and wives should look upon marriage favors as windows of opportunity to show their love for one another.

Share how you showed your spouse kindness recently.

How to Create a Happy Marriage
One of the myths about marriage is that marriage can make you happy. Not true. Your happiness both as an individual and as a married partner must come from within yourself. Being married can add to your happiness, but it is not and can not be the primary source of your happiness. Here are strategies to help you create a happier you and a happy marriage.

Dennis Weaver on the Secret of Their Successful Marriage
Dennis Weaver's thoughts about how to have a successful marriage.

Five Golden Rules of Doting Husbands
The large numbers of Japanese workaholic husbands is the reason for existence of the "Japan Doting Husbands Association" and the proclamation of January 31st as a special day for wives. Although we think they need to add a few more rules, here are the five golden rules of the doting husbands.

Marriage ABCs
Check out our list of marriage ABCs to see how many you and your spouse are living out in your marriage.

Kindness in Marriage
Without kindness in your relationship, your marriage won't last. Here are some ways to check up on yourself to see how kind you are in your marriage.

Marriage Secrets of Famous Couples
Here are marriage secrets and tips of married rich and famous couples.

Top Ten Things Wives Want From Their Husbands
In no particular order, here are ten things that many wives want from their husbands.

Top Ten Things Husbands Want From Their Wives
In no particular order, here are ten things that many husbands want from their wives.

Lessons Married Couples can Learn From Harry Potter
Although J.K. Rowling has her critics, there are many folks who have read her Harry Potter books and judge her to be not only a good story teller, but also a philosopher and moral teacher as she writes about happiness, fear, and one's journey through life. Here are some lessons the two of you, as a married couple, can learn from Harry Potter and his friends.

Four Things that Can Kill a Marriage
John Gottman's list of four things can kill love and a marriage.

Marriage Tips
Daily tips sorted by months to enhance your relationship and get you talking with one another.

Twelve Things to Improve Your Marriage
It's always good to remind yourselves of ways to make your marriage better.

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