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Kindness in Marriage -- Showing Kindness Shows You Care

How Kind are You?


Photo: Ebby May / Getty Images
Photo: Ebby May / Getty Images
Without kindness in your relationship, your marriage won't last. Here are some ways to check up on yourself to see how kind you are in your marriage:
  • You say "yes" a lot more than "no" when your spouse asks for a favor or for help.
  • You are willing to share that last piece of pie or cookie because being kind is being generous.
  • You listen with your heart.
  • You don't interrupt your spouse.
  • You are polite and say "please" and "thank you" when speaking to your spouse.
  • You don't think it is old fashioned to open a heavy door for your spouse or to share your jacket if your mate is shivering.
  • You show respect for your mate.
  • You let your spouse know how much he/she is appreciated.
  • You don't roll your eyes when your spouse says something you disagree with or something you think is trivial or boring.
  • You routinely look for the good in your spouse.
  • You are helpful.
  • You don't allow unkind comments to flow from your lips.
  • You make sure that your teasing is fun and not hurtful.

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