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Marriage Favors

Favors for Your Spouse Are Windows of Opportunity


Photo: Andersen Ross / Getty Images
Photo: Andersen Ross / Getty Images
Married couples often ask one another for favors.
Can you do me a favor?
Will you do me a favor?
Honey, do me a favor.
I want you to do me a favor.

What Are Marriage Favors?

A marriage favor is when you respond out of kindness and out of love to your spouse's request to do a something. A favor can be something as simple as fastening a necklace or picking up clothes from the dry cleaners.

If you do the favor with a "have to" attitude or begrudgingly, then you really haven't done a favor for your spouse.

Windows of Opportunity

Try to look upon marriage favors as windows of opportunity to show your love for one another.

There may be times when your spouse asks you to do the same favor over and over. This can be an "aha moment" when you recognize that this particular task is either important to your spouse or a potential problem in your marriage or both.

Pay attention to these windows of opportunity. Don't throw them away.

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