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Top 6 Books About Lying


Lying in a marriage can be the fatal blow. Here are books to help you discern if your spouse is telling lies to you.

1. Tell Me No Lies

Dr. Bader and Dr. Pearson share their nine-step process for revealing a difficult truth along with how to cope when you're on the receiving end. They help you to distinguish between lies that bear watching and lies that you needn't worry about.

2. The Truth About Lying: How to Spot a Lie

Believing that it is impossible to stop someone from lying to you, Stan Walters gives suggestions on how to refrain from being a victim of those lies.
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3. Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!: The Psychology of Deceit

Charles Ford explains the psychological causes of lying. He also discusses the danger of self deception.
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4. Telling Lies: Clues to Deceit

Professor Paul Ekman explains lying and methods for uncovering lies. He also discusses ways that people's body language and voice inflections can give away a lie.
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5. Conquering Deception

Jef Nance suggests strategies to help you recognize deception both in your personal world and in your business dealings.
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6. Never Be Lied to Again

Dr. Lieberman shares ways to develop "human lie detector" skills. The chapter, Signs of Deception, gives 46 clues and is very informative.
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