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Valentine's Day for Married Lovers

Valentine's Day can be a source of irritation in a marriage, or a way to rejoice and celebrate your union. Although romance should happen year-round and not just around your wedding date or anniversaries, enjoying this holiday with one another is a good thing for your relationship.
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Countdown to Valentine's Day
You don't need a widget on your phone or a countdown clock timer on your personal profile to make sure you don't forget Valentine's Day. Use our Valentine's Day Countdown and make the time between now and Valentine's Day special for both you and your spouse.

Valentine's Gifts Through the Ages
Most historians agree that there are different theories on how Valentine's Day began. Regardless of the history of Valentine's Day, lovers have been giving notes, cards, and gifts for centuries. Check out the traditional gifts given on Valentine's Day through the years. While some view these vintage gifts as predictable, cliche, or...

Enjoying Valentine's Day With Your Spouse
Here are a few ideas to help make this day special for your spouse regardless of your thoughts about the day. Remember that Valentine's Day isn't just about giving and receiving gifts.

Valentine's Day Poll
Whether you make a big deal out of Valentine's Day or not, it is important that the two of you share your expectations of Valentine's Day with each other. How do you and your spouse celebrate Valentine's Day?

Celebrating Your First Valentine's Day Together
Is this your first Valentine's Day together as a married couple? If so, make sure that you share your expectations with one another NOW!

Top Picks in Valentine's Day Gifts
Find a gift that speaks your love throughout the years.

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts
Here are some gift suggestions and ideas for your spouse if you are procrastinating until the last minute in finding that special present for your spouse.

No Flowers?
Not making a big deal about Valentine's Day is okay if the two of you have shared your expectations about the holiday. Assuming that your spouse won't care if you skip the day is not a good idea.

A Day to Celebrate Marriage
World Marriage Day is celebrated the second sunday in February.

Valentine's Day on About.com
Here's a listing of many of the articles and resources on Valentine's Day at About.com.

Japanese Valentines
Did you know that Japanese women buy men chocolate on Valentine’s Day and men don't buy the women gifts until March?

Valentine's Day is Over-rated
Modern relationships are difficult enough without having to stage a major performance on a designated day, from your About.com Guide to Mental Health.

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