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Kabbalah Wedding


Definition: While deplored by some Jewish leaders and viewed as a sinister cult by many, the Kabbalah spiritual technology "promises nothing less than a world wholly free of chaos, destruction, and death." According to Rav Berg, founder of the Kabbalah Centre, Kabbalah is meant for all people regardless of their faith. When asked if Kabbalah is a religion, Kabbalalists state "no."

A Kabbalah wedding has all the appearance of a traditional Jewish wedding. It adds readings from the Zohar which is a 13th century Kabbalistic text.

Seven traditional Jewish blessings, the sheva brachot are also included along with readings from Psalms.

Pronunciation: kab·ba·lah, kab·ba·la, ka·ba·la, ca·ba·la, qa·ba·lam or qa·ba·lah
Alternate Spellings: kabala, kabalah, qabalah, qabala, cabala, cabbala, kaballah, kabbala, kaballah, and qabbalah.

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