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Marriage: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Gift Ideas for Your 41st Through 50th Wedding...
Trying to decide what to give your spouse on your anniversary? These gift suggestions are based on the traditional and modern anniversary gift lists.
Can Gary Chapman's "Five Love Languages"...
Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages, is a how to on understanding and expressing your love for one another. Here's a rundown on the five love languages.
Your Complete Guide to 10th Wedding Anniversaries
Here are some 10th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose tin, aluminum, or diamond jewelry associated with your 10th marriage anniversary.
Marriage Discussion Forum FAQ
FAQ explaining the Marriage discussion forums. Page 2.
How to Celebrate Your 25th Wedding Anniversary
Here are some 25th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your twenty-fifth silver marriage anniversary.
How to Celebrate Your 50th Wedding Anniversary
Here are some 50th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you celebrate and choose gifts associated with your fifieth, golden marriage anniversary.
How to Celebrate Your 40th Wedding Anniversary
Here are some 40th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your fortieth marriage anniversary.
How Do You Know You're Marrying the Right Person?
Having doubts about who you plan to marry is not only normal, having doubts is healthy. Read through these statements to see if your doubts are reasonable and worth paying attention to or if you are having cold feet about getting married without having any rational reasons.
Marriage Discussion Forums Information
Marriage at about has four discussion forums: Marriage, Infidelity, Newlyweds, and Sexual Intimacy in Marriage. You can view the forums as a guest, or you can post messages by joining About.com. The forums are for adults who are looking for a place to share their personal, passionate opinions about issues that impact marriages. Without the social barriers of real life, members can share their deepest feelings and their crazy ideas.
How to Celebrate Your 20th Wedding Anniversary
The twentieth year of marriage is one of the big milestone wedding anniversaries. Here are some twentieth wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose china or platinum gifts associated with your 20th marriage anniversary.
15 Tips for Saving Your Marriage After Your...
When you first realize that your spouse has cheated on you, your feelings of heartache and anger can cloud you making healthy decisions. Here's help in initially coping with an unfaithful spouse.
Celebrating You First Wedding Anniversary
Here are suggestions for traditional paper gifts to help make your first wedding anniversary a memorable one.
How to Celebrate Your 60th Wedding Anniversary
Here are some 60th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your diamond marriage anniversary.
How Often Do Married People Have Sex?
Wondering who is having sex and how often? Take a look at the highlights of sex surveys, including the Durex Sex Survey.
How to Celebrate Your 1st Wedding Anniversary
The first year of marriage is often considered the year of adjustment. Here are some first wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose paper or clock gifts associated with your 1st marriage anniversary.
Do Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross Have One of...
Katharine Ross and Sam Elliott's marriage is one of Hollywood's success stories.
Gift Ideas for Celebrating Your 51st Through...
Here are some ideas to help you celebrate your wedding anniversaries. Both the traditional and modern gift suggestions for 51st through 100th anniversaries are listed. Anniversary symbols and ideas for celebrating your anniversary are included.
Lydia Clarke and Charlton Heston Marriage Profile
Charlton Heston's only love was his wife of sixty-five years, Lydia Clarke.
15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing for...
Do you think you are at the point of wanting a divorce? If so, how do you know it is time to throw in the towel and file for divorce?
Common Warning Signs You're in a Troubled...
Troubled marriages usually show warning signs or have red flags. This list of common signs that a marriage is in trouble could help you avoid problems in your marriage.
Why is Tori Spelling Staying with Dean McDermott?
Engaged while married to others, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott had four children together and what appeared to be a successful marriage. Then Dean cheated on Tori.
10 Traditional Gifts for 10th Wedding...
Although the tenth anniversary is considered one of the special ones, finding a unique gift using the traditional aluminum or tin suggestions can be difficult. Here are some ideas to make 10th anniversary gift giving a bit more romantic.
How Should You Celebrate Your 7th Wedding...
Copper, wool, and desk sets are the traditional and modern gifts associated with your 7th wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your seventh anniversary.
Your Quick Guide to Getting a Marriage License
If you are confused about getting married, here's help in jumping through the legal hoops.
Common Warning Signs Your Spouse Could Be...
Here are some warning signs that your spouse could be cheating on you.
Words of Wisdom: The Best Marriage Advice Our...
Couples like you share their marriage wisdom. We asked readers to share the best marriage advice they ever received.
Everything You Need to Know about Getting...
Make getting married in Texas easier by knowing the marriage license laws, regulations, and other things you need to know before filling out your application.
Telltale Signs Your Spouse is Lying
Here's help in understanding why your spouse might lie to you and ways to determine if your spouse is lying.
The Marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash
One of the great love stories in the entertainment world is the long lasting marriage of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash.
10 Things Men Want from Their Wives Other Than...
What many men want from their wives is usually sex. But there are other things that are extremely important to husbands, too.
10 Marriage Deal Breakers
Compromise is usually not an option if the two of you disagree on these issues that can be deal breakers in a marriage. If you are not yet married, don't get married without knowing your future spouse's thoughts on these issues that can kill a marriage.
Low Libido Blues: What Wives Think about Their...
A man's low libido creates hurt, anxiety, frustration, and heartache for his wife. If not dealt with, differing sexual drives may destroy a marriage.
Inside Garth Brooks' Marriage to Trisha Yearwood
The small, private wedding of Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood was a surprise to the press.
Your Complete Guide to Wedding Anniversary Stones
Listing of traditional wedding anniversary stones.
What You Should Know About Emotional Affairs
Starting as a friendship or a platonic relationship, an emotional affair can grow or slip into a deeper and more intimate relationship that can harm or end your marriage.
Should You Throw in the Towel on Your Marriage?
How do you know when it's over or when to throw in the towel on your marriage relationship?
Questions Engaged Couples Should Ask Themselves...
Getting married soon? Make sure you discuss these questions first!
Why Bill O'Reilly and Maureen McPhilmy's...
The marriage of Maureen McPhilmy and Bill O'Reilly was officially over in September 2011, but the couple still battle each other, primarily over custody issues concerning their two children.
How to Celebrate Your 5th Wedding Anniversary
Wood, representing strength and a solidified relationship, and silverware, representing connectedness, are the traditional and modern gifts associated with your fifth wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your fifth anniversary.
The Top 10 Traditional 7th Year Copper and Wool...
Although the Seventh anniversary is not considered one of the special ones, it is still important to remember this wedding anniversary! Finding a unique gift using the traditional copper or wool suggestions can be difficult. Here are some ideas to make it a bit more romantic.
Crucial Questions Engaged Couples Should Ask...
You may not want to take the time to ask one another these questions, but asking and answering these questions is one of the most important things you can do for each other and your marriage.
Helpful Tips for Forgiving Your Spouse
A critical tool for a successful marriage relationship is being able to forgive. Holding on to past hurts, betrayals, anger, etc can hurt you both physically and emotionally and harm your marriage.
Your State-by-State Guide to Teen Marriage Laws
Do you know how old you have to be to legally get married? Here's a state-by-state listing of marriage laws showing the legal, minimum age when you can marry.
12 Tips for Rebuilding Trust in Your Marriage
When your spouse has done something to break your trust, rebuilding that trust in your marriage can be difficult. Here's help.
How to Know if a Person Can Legally Perform...
Who can perform your marriage ceremony? Different states have different regulations about who can perform wedding ceremonies. Some states allow a friend or relative to fill this role.
Does Marriage Counseling Actually Help Troubled...
If your marriage is in trouble, don't wait to see a marriage therapist. Here's help if you are wondering if counseling will help your troubled marriage.
A Complete Guide to Wedding Anniversary Colors
Here are the traditional wedding anniversary colors to use in planning your anniversary celebration.
How to Prevent Pornography From Ruining Your...
For many, if a spouse watches pornography, the marriage is over. For others, pornography is okay and not a deal breaker.
The 7 Best Traditional Gifts for Celebrating...
Enjoy your second anniversary with these suggestions for traditional cotton gifts.
How to Get Anniversary Greetings or Wedding...
Did you know you can have Presidential anniversary greetings or weddings congratulations sent to newlyweds and couples married 50 years or more? Here's how to contact the White House and request the greetings.
How to Celebrate Your 8th Wedding Anniversary:...
Bronze or pottery are the traditional 8th anniversary gifts with linens and lace being the more modern gifts associated with your 8th wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your eighth anniversary.
All You Need to Know about Brad Pitt and...
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had a fairy tale romance that ended in divorce.
10 Things Women Want from Their Husbands
One of the things on our list that women want to know is that they are loved. Husbands you can do that!
How to Renew Your Marriage Vows
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Many couples want
Kathryn Diebel and Frankie Avalon Marriage...
Background information on the long term marriage relationship of Frankie Avalon and Kathryn Diebel.
You Cheated and Were Caught, Now What?
You cheated, you know you made a mistake, now what do you do?
Can't Explain How You Feel? Try One of These...
Sometimes naming or describing a feeling is difficult. Here is a listing of words to help you find the right word to say so you and your spouse can connect better with each other.
Here's How to Get Married in the Philippines
Getting married in The Philippines is not an easy thing to do, especially if you are not yet twenty-five years old. Know the laws about marriage and what documents you need when you fill out the marriage application form.
The Interesting History of Wedding Anniversary...
Dating back to the Middle Ages, the tradition of giving a specific gift on a specific anniversary is one that is still followed by married couples throughout the world.
U.S. Waiting Times After A Divorce
If you are thinking of getting married right after being divorced, you need to know the waiting times that some states require before allowing you to get remarried. Here are the waiting time requirements after being divorced. This is only for U.S. marriage licenses.
The Modern First Year Anniversary Gift of Clocks
Here are suggestions for modern clock gifts to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.
Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso Marriage...
Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso were married in a surprise wedding.
All About Duane "Dog" Chapman's Marriage
Together for 16 years, Duane Chapman and Beth Smith married in 2006. The couple, their children, and their television show continue to make headlines.
What You Need to Know About Getting Married in...
Here's how to get married in California -- marriage license laws, regulations, and other things to know before you fill out the marriage license application.
The Reasons Why Your Spouse Won't Listen to You
A listening problem in your marriage could be related to issues that your spouse has, your method of delivery, or a combination of both.
Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher
The marriage of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore ended in November 2011. Here is information on how they met, quotes about their marriage, and more.
What Married Couples Need to Know About the...
Although it is an ineffective communication tool, the silent treatment is used by many individuals as a way to control their spouse.
Get the Scoop on Robert Redford's Marriage to...
Robert Redford and Lola Van Wagenen's marriage lasted nearly 30 years before it ended in divorce in 1985. Page 2.
Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Marriage Profile
Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman had a rough start but they successfully worked through the issues that were hurting their marriage.
How to Know if Your Common-Law Marriage Will Be...
Since common-law marriages are recognized in only a few states in the United States, it is important that you understand the requirements other than living together which would establish your common-law marriage as being legal.
An 8-Step Guide to Marrying a Prisoner
Marriage to a prisoner involves jumping through many legal hoops and possibly experiencing a lot of heartache. Here's help in knowing what to do and who to contact if you want to marry a prisoner.
Your Quickie Guide to Ben Affleck and Jennifer...
While Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's wedding was a surprise to many, they have a successful marriage.
How to Rebuild Your Life After the Death of...
The loss of your spouse through death is a heart breaking journey. Here are some coping strategies for dealing with this difficult time in your life.
Everything You Need to Know to Get a Marriage...
Here's how to get married in Pennsylvania. Don't let the marriage license laws of Pennsylvania put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Pennsylvania marriage license.
Will My Foreign Marriage Be Legally Recognized...
Is my foreign marriage legal in the U.S.? Information for U.S. couples who want to get married in a foreign country. Document covers residence requirements, validity concerns, procedures, eligibility, and more.
Your Go-To List for 2nd Anniversary Gift Ideas
Your second anniversary has classic traditional cotton and modern china gifts to give to one another.
All You Need to Know about Getting Married in...
If you want to know how to get married in Georgia, here are the marriage license laws, regulations, premarital course, and other things you need to know before filling out your application.
Do You Have to Give an Engagement Ring Back?
When an engagement ends, most believe that the ring should be returned no matter who called off the wedding. Some states have engagement ring laws that weigh in on this matter.
Upset Spouse?
If you have an upset spouse, remember that your spouse is upset. Don't make the situation worse. Here are things you shouldn't say or do and things you should say and do.
Top 9 Ways to Cope With Betrayal
Here are suggestions for beginning the healing process if you've been betrayed by your spouse.
Learn All About Abraham Lincoln's 4 Children
Information about the four sons of Mary and Abraham Lincoln. Page 4.
Johnny Carson and Alexis Maas Marriage Profile
Although Johnny Carson was married four times and often joked about marriage and alimony, his fourth marriage to Alexis Maas lasted 17 years until his death.
Rosa and Raymond Parks Marriage Profile
Although Rosa received the recognition and the spotlight for her civil rights activism and her courage, her husband Raymond was quietly supportive throughout most of their nearly 45 year marriage. Here's more information about the marriage and lives of Rosa and Raymond Parks.
Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward Marriage Profile
When it comes to legendary celebrity romances, the marriage of Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward is at the top of the list.
Timeline and Marriages of Lucille Ball
Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball of 'I Love Lucy' fame divorced after twenty years. Page 2.
Livia Giuggioli and Colin Firth Marriage Profile
Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli, married since 1997, have a successful intercultural marriage.
5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your...
If your marriage has major red flag issues, these five ways to be more for each other can bring you closer and improve your marriage.
What Is a Marriage Application?
Definition of marriage application.
What to Do (and Not to Do) When Your Parents...
When your parents disapprove of who you choose to marry, both your marriage and your parents' marriage can be negatively impacted. Additionally, the relationship you have with your parents can be severely damaged. Here are things to do and not do in this situation.
What You Should Do When Your Spouse Doesn't...
What can you do when faced with a spouse who has a serious behavior that could potentially destroy your marriage and your spouse won't change, isn't willing to work on improving your marriage, or won't seek marriage counseling? Here's help on how you can deal with a difficult marriage when only one of you wants change.
How Married Couples Can Get a Good Night's Sleep
Many married couples have problems sleeping together. If you are having difficulty getting a good night's sleep because of your spouse's sleeping habits, here are some suggestions to end the tossing and turning and to have a good night's sleep while sleeping together.
Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford Marriage...
The wedding and marriage of Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford was described as a storybook romance. However in the midst of alcohol and affairs, the romantic story ended in a divorce. Here is information about the marriage of Patricia Kennedy and Peter Lawford.
Your Go-To List for 3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas
The 3rd wedding anniversary is often when a couple is aware of their durability of their relationship. That is why leather is the traditional gift for this celebration. Here are some third wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your 3rd marriage anniversary.
Solid Financial Advice Married Couples May Not...
Financial advice is easy to find but not so easy to follow. Here is advice many married couples don't want to hear.
Tips For When You Have to Have Difficult...
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Setting the Stage for a Great Marriage: Why The...
Studies show that couples who make it through the first two years of marriage have a better chance of a long term relationship.
History of Marriage
A look at the history of marriage and how marriage has evolved through the years.
The Language and Meaning of Flowers for Married...
The language and meaning of flowers has evolved through the years as lovers give flowers as a token of their longing, devotion, and love. Page 2.
The Juice on Steven Seagal's 4 Marriages
Steven Seagal married four times. Three of his marriages ended in headline grabbing divorces.
The Marriage of Justine Simmons and Rev Run
Rev Run and Justine Simmons first met as teenagers, then reconnected with one another after he divorced his first wife.
The Many Marriages of Rush Limbaugh
In June 2010, Rush Limbaugh married for the fourth time in June 2010.
15th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestion...
Just like crystal, at times your marriage needs careful handling. Your time together is represented by the gift of watches. Crystal is the traditional gift and watches the modern gift associated with your fifteenth wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your fifteenth anniversary.
All You Wanted to Know about Elvis Presley and...
Priscilla and Elvis Presley's courtship was longer than their marriage.
Applying for a Marriage License in Ohio
If you are considering applying for a marriage license in the state of Ohio, here is what you need to bring with you, and what you need to know about the Ohio marriage laws before filling out the Ohio marriage license application.
The 3 Most Widely Used Premarital Inventories
Here are the three premarital tests/inventories that are most commonly used by counselors, pastors, mentors, and marriage educators when working with an engaged couple.
These common mistakes can hurt your marriage.
There is a pattern to the marital problems that people share. Here's my list of the top ten things that you need to try and avoid in your own marriage.
Not Interested in Sex?
Some causes and solutions for a low sex drive in wives.
The Marriage of Allen Ludden and Betty White
Here's information about the close and long lasting marriage of Allen Ludden and Betty White.
Keely Shaye Smith and Pierce Brosnan
Keely Shaye Smith changed Pierce Brosnan's mind about never getting married again.
The Definition of Romantic Love
Definition of romantic love. Marriage.
Avoid These Common Harmful Behaviors
If you or your spouse fall into negative patterns in the way you relate to one another, you are not just in a rut, you are hurting one another and your marriage.
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Marriage Profile
Although Dale Evans' marriage to Roy Rogers was her fourth marriage and his third marriage, they broke the serial marriage cycle with a successful marriage that lasted fifty-one years.
Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks Marriage Profile
The 41-year marriage of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks ended on June 6, 2005, when Anne died of uterine cancer. Their interfaith marriage was described as one of the happiest marriages in the entertainment business.
Top 10 Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gifts...
Here are suggestions for traditional Leather gifts to give to your spouse for your Third wedding anniversary.
Mickey Rooney's Eighth Marriage Was His Longest
Mickey Rooney's fifth wife was murdered in 1966. Read more details about their marriage. Page 6.
How You Can Fight Fair in Your Marriage
Arguments and fights are a reality in most marriages. The key is to fight fairly.
Timeline and Marriages of Andy Griffith
Andy's third wife was Cindi Knight. Their marriage lasted until his death. Page 4.
How Does Marriage by Proxy Work in California?
Text and information about the marriage by proxy law in California.
Straight Spouses -- What to Do and What Not to...
As your world turns upside down, and as your partner 'comes out', you find yourself shoved in the closet. Although you may feel alone, isolated and shamed, you are none of these. Here's help when your spouse comes out of the closet, coping hints, and things to do and not to do.
Answers to Frequent Questions About Jealousy in...
Whether you are the jealous partner or whether your spouse is the jealous one, irrational jealousy can eventually destroy your marriage. Here are answers to frequent questions about jealousy and things you can do to overcome jealousy in your marriage.
Victoria and David Beckham Marriage Profile
The marriage of Victoria and David Beckham is a successful relationship and partnership. Here's information about their marriage and family.
The Marriages of Glenn Ford
Glenn Ford was luckier in his movies than he was in real life when it came to relationships. Glenn was
What You Need to Know Before Changing Your Name...
Look at the options you have if you are considering changing your name after you get married. You can keep your maiden (birth) name or change your name to your husband's last name or use the hyphen idea or some other compromise.
Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards
Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards worked often together and were married for 41 years before his death in 2010.
How to Get Married in Illinois
Here's how to get married in Illinois. Don't let the marriage license laws of Illinois put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Illinois marriage license.
How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive in Your Marriage
Sex doesn't have to get boring in marriage. As the years go by, your sex life should get better. Here are some ways to keep your marriage and sex life fresh.
Marriage Certificate
Definition of marriage certificate.
The Marriages of Betty Hutton
Perky and full of energy in the movies, Betty Hutton's personal life wasn't as upbeat. She was married four times and had difficult relationships with her children.
How to Get Married in Tennessee
Know how to get married in Tennessee by reviewing the regulations the state has for marriage.
Married to a Jerk
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All About Michael Jordan's Failed Marriage to...
Michael and Juanita Jordan's marriage ended in divorce after trying to reconcile.
Apache Wedding Blessing
If you are looking for an appropriate prayer or reading for your wedding or vow renewal, consider using the Apache Wedding Blessing but know where it came from.
Facts and Statistics About Cohabitation
Facts and statistics concerning cohabiting couples in the United States.
Everything You Need to Know about Ray Charles's...
Ray Charles' success in music did not cross over to his private life. He had two marriages and several other relationships.
What You May Want to Know About David...
David Letterman married his partner of many years Regina Lasko in 2009. Their marriage was almost a casualty of David's reported affairs with female staff members that happened prior to their marriage.
Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder Marriage Profile
Here's information about the wedding and celebrity marriage of Julia Roberts and Daniel Moder.
Behind the Scenes in the Marriage of Paula and...
Although questioned by many people, how much Paula Rader knew or didn't know about her's husband Dennis's life as the BTK Killer, will probably never be known.
The Marriage of Meryl Streep and Don Gummer
Meryl Streep and Don Gummer have one of the most successful celebrity marriages.
6th Wedding Anniversary Celebration Suggestions...
Candy represents the sweetness in your marriage, iron represents good luck and strength, and wood represents a solid relationship. Candy and iron are the traditional sixth anniversary gifts and wood is the modern gift associated with your sixth wedding anniversary. Here are more gift and celebration ideas for your sixth anniversary.
New York Marriage License Information
Here's how to get married in New York. The marriage license laws of New York can cause problems for you if you don't know what you need to have with you when you apply for your marriage license.
The Real Reasons Why Nagging Doesn't Work
Why nagging doesn't work, and hints on finding more effective ways to communicate with your spouse.
Signs of a Low Sex Marriage
Having sex just one or two times a month puts a couple in the low sex marriage category. Here are some other signs of a low sex marriage.
How to Get Married in Minnesota
If you are considering applying for a marriage license in the state of Minnesota, here is what you need to bring with you and what you need to know about the Minnesota marriage laws.
The Right (and the Wrong) Reasons to Get Married
Too many people get married for the wrong reasons. Learn the right and wrong reasons to get married.
How to Get Married in New Jersey
Don't let the marriage license laws of New Jersey put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a New Jersey marriage license.
Prenuptial Marriage Agreements
Prenuptial agreements do not have to be a romance killer in a marriage. Here are pros and cons of prenuptial agreements.
Secret Marriages -- The Legalities of Do-Overs
Many couples throughout the ages have had secret marriages. Here are answers to frequently asked questions about secret marriages.
Faith Cross and Lee Majors Marriage Profile
Lee's fourth marriage to Faith Noell Cross is a May-December relationship. Faith is 35 years younger than Lee. Here is information about their elopement to Italy and more.
Quotes About the Marriage of Lydia and Charlton...
Charlton Heston's first and only love was Lydia. Here are quotes about their 65-year marriage. Page 2.
Virginia Marriage License Information
Here's how to get married in Virginia. Don't let the marriage license laws of Virginia put a dent in your wedding plans. Here's what you need to know and what documents to bring with you before you apply for a Virginia marriage license.

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