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Reader Reviews: Sister Wives Show Reviews

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By torie

Sister Wives

My Review 

I think it is disgusting and I feel horrible for any children who have to grow up with the shame an disgust. Not to mention the psychological issues the kids will face. I wish it would be illegal. No one should be allowed to do this. It shames me to be an American because of what they put on TV.

What part of the show relates most to your marriage? 

None of it. My man doesn't have sex with 5 different women. A marriage is a man and a woman not a pompous man who wants to be able to hae sex with other women and not deal with the same woman.

What would you like to see the show cover? 

I'd like it to be off the air.

What would you change about the show? 

I'd like it to be gone. It infuriates me.

How many episodes of Sister Wives have you watched? 

A few.

Would you recommend this to a friend? 


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