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Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Marriage Blog

By kmgisme

What is the name of your marriage blog?

Friends Lovers Equals

What is the URL of your marriage blog?


How long has your marriage blog been online?

1 week as of September 2010.

How long have you been married?

17 years as of September 2010.

Why did you start your marriage blog?

To provide my opinion and viewpoints to help people with their marriages or help people prepare for marriage.

What do you cover in your marriage blog?

This blog will help readers prepare for and enjoy their marriage, will encourage the reader to assess his or her station in life with regards to the commitment and dedication required in marriage, and will provide guidance and advice with choosing an enjoyable partner and dealing with marriage difficulties.

I'm new at this, so bear with me. However, I do believe if you hang in there and join this blog you will enjoy, learn and be challenged. I want as much feedback as possible, positive, negative, supportive, contradictory, argumentative, or a combination. All posts are welcome but please do not be derogatory or vulgar.

This introduction is going to provide a baseline of what I believe is needed for a marriage. These are the basics and without them any marriage is either in major trouble, is a sham, or was consummated for purposes other than traditional marriage.

Number one on this list is love. Both parties must love each other, period. It cannot go one way with the other believing it will come later.

Furthermore, the rules must be followed: fidelity, honesty, loyalty and honor. These essentials are mandatory for a loving marriage, and that is why they are included (said or unsaid) in the marriage vows. If one person is too immature or just not ready for whatever reason to comply with these principles then that person should not get or be married.

If two people are in love and follow the rules they have laid the foundation for a good marriage. This blog will deal with many other challenges we have to deal with in our marriages and hopefully provide insight, assistance and entertainment to readers.


  • Read Blogging for Dummies. Dive in and give it a go. It will get better over time and the experience will be worth it. Good luck and have fun.

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