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Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Marriage Blog

By MissusDoe

What is the name of your marriage blog?

Mr. & Mrs. Doe: This is Jane's Story

What is the URL of your marriage blog?


How long has your marriage blog been online?

1 Month as of 4/2010.

How long have you been married?

5 Months as of 4/2010.

Why did you start your marriage blog?

I felt the need to express my thoughts and concerns somewhere, but not to friends or family -- because I don't want to worry about gossip or speculations about my marriage. I also can't share everything I feel about my marriage with my husband because he would in turn become insecure about some of my feelings, and I don't want him to think he has anything to worry about.

The mission of my blog is to let other women know that they aren't the only ones that have doubts or commitment issues.

I blog almost every three days.

What do you cover in your marriage blog?

The focus of my blog is primarily personal. I talk about my feelings about things that happen within my marriage, I talk about changes in me that I feel I may attribute to my marriage in some way or another. I am just very honest. I say things about marriage that many women would never put out in public. Some women may be embarrassed to talk about some of the things I share, but I figure that it could help someone, so I feel compelled to say it.


  • I just want blatant honesty, that's all.

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