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The Generous Wife

Share Your Story: Tell Us About Your Marriage Blog

By lori.thegenerouswife

The Generous Wife

The Generous Wife

What is the name of your marriage blog?

The Generous Wife

What is the URL of your marriage blog?


How long has your marriage blog been online?

Since July of 2001

How long have you been married?

I've been married to The Generous Husband for 27 years as of January 2012.

Why did you start your marriage blog?

Years ago I watched as generosity made a big impact on my marriage. I figured it would be fun to share what I was learning and hopefully help others grow in their marriage.

What do you cover in your marriage blog?

I cover pretty much any topic that effects marriage, but mainly I try to offer perspectives and ideas on how to live generously with your spouse. My posts are typically short and practical, a daily reminder to grow your marriage.


  • Pray.
  • Start small and simple. Add only as you have a good handle on what you are doing.
  • Work to create quality content.
  • Connect with other bloggers in your field for encouragement and help.
  • Attracting readers is really about offering quality content and connecting with people. Word of mouth is a far superior way to grow, so I don't think I can offer any "get popular quick" tips. Work hard, care about your readers and your blog will grow.

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