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Serial Cheater

Share Your Story: Your Spouse Had an Affair -- How You Survived

By goldy

When and How I Learned My Spouse Was Unfaithful

He cheated on me several times. 1st with our housemaid; second with our co-barangay where he had one child; third with a married woman; last with our neighbor who is only his "friend" according to him. We were married for 14 years when he started cheating. I learned about the affair through my relatives living here. The 2nd relationship I learned it through him because the relative of the woman will sue him. The third relationship, I learned it because the husband caught them through text and he hit my husband. And the last affair was through my friend because she confessed to me that my husband had a 3-yrs affair.

How I Coped

Until now the pain is still here because my husband is still with the girl. He is not telling me the truth even though there are many people who testified that they were together. I always pray. I always pray the rosary. I told the the story to my husband's two sisters and to his father. They got mad. They confronted my husband. I also tell the stories to my kids so that they will now understand the real situation because the gossips here in our place are starting to smell. I told my husband that I already know the truth and he should stop it because there might be a big problem. I warned him that the husband of that girl already knows the truth. I told him that we will leave him.


  • Yes, I am very much regretful because I gave him my full trust. I am not so very careful with our relationship. I advise other people to not give so much trust to your husband. Always pray to God. If you have someone to confide with, do it because at first, I do not do it. But when I did it, it makes me carry the load lighter. I always protected my husband but he always abused me. But now I will not protect him anymore to give him lessons. At this moment he is showing care, love, attention. I hope this will last FOREVER.

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