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Blended Family Advice

Share Your Story: What Made You Decide to Get Married?

By NancyLandrum

Blended Family Advice

Mr & Mrs!

How Long Have You Been Married?

We were married 24 years before he died.

Are You Happily Married?

We were VERY happy.

What Made You Decide to Get Married?

I wanted a partner and companion in life. We shared the same faith ... and he was a LOT of fun! I hadn't had much fun in my life up until then. He was also VERY supportive of my intelligence and goals. And I' liked the fact that he was not afraid of being affectionate ... holding hands in public and generally very cuddly. :)

What Were You Not Prepared For in Marriage?

We were unprepared for the unique challenges of stepfamily life. It nearly wrecked us until we learned some better communication skills and made some changes that help stepfamily dynamics work better!


  • Pay attention to any red flags.
  • Take a recommended communication skills course together.
  • If you're going to form a stepfamily, get good information.
  • Make regular time alone together a high priority.

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