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From the article: 10th Wedding Anniversary
Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their tenth wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions for diamond, tin, and aluminum and ideas for how to make your tenth anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage.

A Trip Down Memory Lane!

My hubby and I were dreaming of a cruise for our 10 year, but I lost my job and there went those plans. lol. We decided to take a "trip down memory lane" and comprised a 2 day "staycation", visiting places that were special to us when we were dating or in our "journey" and taking a pic at each one. We went to a movie theater we frequently visited while dating, then hit the fast food joint we ate at the night he proposed (he knew if he took me somewhere fancy I'd know what was happening), then the park where he proposed, the church where we said "I Do" and that night after a nice anniversary dinner we stayed the night in the hotel where we stayed after our wedding. We watched our wedding video that night and laughed about how young we were, lol. The next day we decided to make "new" milestones and visit new places :-) It turned out being really fun and spurred lots of "remembrance" conversations. Editor's Note: What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary!
—Guest Amber

I Made It!

I will be celebrating 10 yrs. in September! With five kids running around we will have to celebrate quickly in the shower wink wink! There is aluminum pipes right?
—Guest julieann

Really ...

Nowadays marriages don't last ... after 10 years!! We are celebrating with a bang, renewal of vows and party.
—Guest Ruby

Aluminum Enclosures

Great for the geek in your life - a custom aluminum electrical enclosure. bisonprofab.com/aluminum-enclosure.htm

10 Year Photo Album

I'm going to assemble a photo book, hard cover, with pics from our 10 years together. www.mixbook.com is where I'll get it.
—Guest John

Aluminum Foil

I bought him several small gifts and wrapped them all in aluminum foil.
—Guest Mary Ann

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