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Readers Respond: Second Anniversary Suggestions

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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their second wedding anniversary. Share your successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your second anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage. Share Your Ideas

Cotton Wedding Maps

Get a custom map printed of the place you met, fell in love, married, honeymooned to, or live. check them out at http://jwdesignstudio.etsy.com/ Editor's Note: These are not endorsed by about.com.
—Guest Jessica

2nd Anniversary Idea

My husband and I have decided instead of exchanging gifts, we will be creating a red cotton quilt together. If we are sucessful, as this will be a first for us both, it will hopefully become a family heirloom. Regardless how it turns out, we are excited to be spending time together on a special project.
—Guest Kalee

Cotton - Tapestry & Travel bags

For our 2nd anniversary I bought my husband a tapestry of Italy to hang in our living room (he loves Italy), and he bought me little travel bags for my shoes with my initials on them.
—Guest LMartinez

Embroidered Cotton Map of Wedding Venue

House of Whatnot sells made-to-order personalised maps, printed on fine cotton twill, framed in a waxed beech wood embroidery hoop and embroidered with coloured cotton threads. Why not get a cotton map of your wedding venue location, embroidered with you and your spouse's initials and your wedding date? Perfect for a quirky, unique gift for a cotton anniversary! www.houseofwhatnot.co.uk
—Guest Sally

Silly Husband

My husband and I have been talking a lot about how we don't really NEED anything and I am a huge supporter of HEIFER International (gives livestock to poor families in 3rd world countries) So he says he is going to buy a sheep in my name for a family. I looked at him quizzically and asked Why? He said because sheep make cotton. I laughed so hard I got the hiccups. So I searched and searched and found a little black Xmas tree ornament (our ann. is late Nov) that is a sheep made of ... COTTON ..... hilarious
—Guest Heather

Second Anniversary Scavenger Hunt

I sent my husband on a scavenger hunt, and all of his clues were written or printed on handmade cotton paper. He arrived home from work to find his buddy there with a few beers & the first clue, an excerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit. This brought him to our real rabbit, who had a quotation "Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days," by the Egyptians, which led him to the fridge, where a 6-pack (and note not to drink TOO much) and the next clue, guiding him to call a certain co-worker waiting to pick him up. The co-worder brought him to a relative's house, where our 3-year-old niece gave him a single, yellow tulip, with a card explaining that a yellow tulip symbolizes "hopelessly in love". From there, he was driven to a local hotel, where the amazing valet guys gave him the last clue, telling him which hotel restaurant I was waiting in.
—Guest The Patient One

Awesome Gift For Free

For my husband on our 2nd year anniversary I plugged in the sewing machine and got busy. Luckily my husband has a hard time parting with his favorite T-shirts. I used the shirts and cut quilting squares out of them. Our anniversary is in 2 weeks! I think he's going to love having a quilt displaying all his favorite T's. They have been sitting in a box for 4years, most with holes in them. You can find how to videos for blanket quilts on the net and its free!
—Guest Miss fisher

Cotton Canvas

My husband took me to DC for a novice painting class that allows wine sipping while painting on cotton canvas... It was so cool and creative. Then when we arrived home I had really cute cotton pajamas waiting on the bed!
—Guest Mckenzie

2nd Cotton Gift

I gave my wife a bunch of unused 80 year old cotton spools in different colours, mounted in a 3D frame. She loved it.
—Guest AlmaCottage

Cotton Blanket

For my two year anniversary with my boyfriend, I ordered a personalized cotton blanket from Walmart with his favorite picture of us on it so he can take it to college with him.
—Guest Christine


My husband and I try to stay very true to the anniversary gift theme and try to out do each others' creativity. I got my husband cotton candy, cotton t-shirts, cotton socks, I couldn't find any cotton lingerie that I liked so I got something silk and crossed out silk and wrote cotton on the tag, he thought it was pretty funny and didn't mind that it wasn't cotton :-) I put all of it in a gift bag and then filled the bag with cotton balls. He got us matching t-shirts in our wedding colors with our wedding picture on the front and our wedding date, LOVED it, they were so creative!!
—Guest Brittany

2nd Anniversary

Cotton sheets, cotton candy, Q-Tips, cotton balls, and Cottonelle bath tissue .... also a mix cd with songs containing the words cotton, two or comfortable. Example Cotton Eye Joe or 1+1=2, When 2 Become 1, etc
—Guest Reg

Cotton Seed Packets and Cotton Bolls

Check out wonderful gifts for anniversary gifts like cotton seeds packets and cotton bolls on http://www.cottonacres.com
—Guest Cotton Acres

Cotton Wrapped Around Jewelry

My husband had already found a beautiful (& huge!) emerald that he wanted to give me by the time he heard what the gift should have been. So he bought a scrap of cotton and wrapped it around the jewel. It is now my most favorite solitare emerald necklace.
—Guest karen

Cotton Anniversary

I got my husband a candle holder for the cotton sented candle I got him that was tied with a cotton ribbon. I also got him a couple cotton T-shirts.
—Guest blc78

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Second Anniversary Suggestions

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