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Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their second wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your second anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage.

Pocket Squares

Its always nice to make the hubbers look good...at a recent wedding for friends I noticed a lot of the men had pocket squares. My husband was not in that category. Luckily our two year anniversary was coming up. So excited to get him a couple cotton pocket squares!
—Guest LadyKlug

Cotton Wedding Maps

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—Guest Jessica

Cotton Wrapped Around Jewelry

My husband had already found a beautiful (& huge!) emerald that he wanted to give me by the time he heard what the gift should have been. So he bought a scrap of cotton and wrapped it around the jewel. It is now my most favorite solitare emerald necklace.
—Guest karen

Cotton Anniversary

I got my husband a candle holder for the cotton sented candle I got him that was tied with a cotton ribbon. I also got him a couple cotton T-shirts.
—Guest blc78

Second Anniversary Creativity

I knew that the 2nd was cotton. So I had a 4x6 canvas pictures made with both of our children on them.
—Guest Joseph

Combo 2

For our first anniversary I thought of a way to combine the traditional and modern gifts, so I wanted to continue this tradition on our second anniversary. My original idea was a china set and cotton napkins, but when we got closer to our anniversary money was too tight to buy a full china set. Plus we live in an apartment and it seemed like a bad idea to invest in something so expensive and fragile when we will be moving again in the future. My next idea was Egyptian cotton sheets and china candle stick holders for the bed side tables, but my husband wasn't crazy about the idea. I thought some more and came up with a china vase and a cotton handkerchief to set underneath. My husband loved the idea and the items I found. The vase is china with platinum trim and it was personalized with our names and our wedding date in platinum. The handkerchief is made of cotton but has a sateen finish. To add some elegance, it's white with a burgundy border.
—Guest elyse

Cotton Plus a Little Extra

My husband loves football so I bought him a Maryland hoodies and two tickets!
—Guest Lexie

Canvas Art Work

My husband and I have been talking about getting art work but never had the chance, so for our anniversary we are going to pick out a piece of art work on a cotton canvas.
—Guest 2nd yr

Second Anniversary Gift

I purchased Mr. & Mrs Cotton robes from a personalization internet company.
—Guest Amanda

2nd Anniversary -- In Love for 10 Years

While my husband was away with the army I made him a cotton wallet (because his is getting tatty). It is black and white checks with white lining which has black bikes on it. I borrowed a sewing machine but couldn't make it work so did it by hand which I feel is more meaningful :) Our anniversary isn't until September so it's hiding in my cupboard till then. I also sewed meaningful words inside. Think everyone should make their own gifts. It is so rewarding. I just want to make him 1000 more :)
—Guest jemma

Second Anniversary Gift

I made my husband a book from Shutterfly with pictures from our first two years together from our wedding, honeymoon, birth of our son, b-days, vacations, etc. -- things that were special and fun that we did together or experienced. He loved it and got a little emotional:) and I wrapped it in a COTTON handkerchief with our names and wedding date on it.
—Guest Kim

Always Together

I deployed to Iraq the month before our second anniversary, so I got my husband a daddy doll... which I dubbed "wife doll." In my very first care package, I received a pillow. What was special about it was that the pillow case had pictures of us. My husband made it himself, but he accidentally ironed the pics on with the pillow case inside-out! I love it!

Cotton Canvas

I try really hard to think of original creative ideas for our wedding anniversary. For our 2nd anniversary I asked to borrow a friends professional camera and I spent a couple of evenings out with them taking photos of the water inlet we had our wedding at. I ended up with a beautiful sunset photo and had it printed onto canvas. It's cheap artwork with a meaning and we get a lot of good comments on it. My husband loved it.
—Guest Trina


I bought my wife a cotton blanket and I designed it with some wedding photos, and put it in a box and wrapped in a cotton furoshiki.
—Guest the man

Cotton Basket

We got married on our 4th anniversary of being together ... So on our 2 year wedding anniversary we had been together 6 years. I made him a basket and in it had 6 cotton items -- A new set of Cotton sheets (he loves high quality sheets), a UT cotton shirt, etc ... He loved it!
—Guest Carissa

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