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From the article: 3rd Wedding Anniversary
Many folks hit a wall when it comes to being creative in what to give their spouses on their third wedding anniversary. Readers have shared successful gift suggestions and ideas for how to make your third anniversary an anniversary to remember throughout your marriage.

Gift Idea

I was really stuck with this one, but I bought my wife a nice leather/brass key chain, and had it engraved with her initials. She didn't get a new car key to go with, but I noticed the one she had was worn. So, at least I know she'll use it.
—Guest guest

Leather Bags!

I love bags and especially leather bags. This is one anniversary I am really looking forward to. Personally I luuuuv bags from artisan Joanna Jenkinson over at BagsByJo.com
—Guest Kristen P


I gave my friends an engraved wooden chopping board,(wife loves to cook. I saw metal and he grills, so I gave them a steak brander with their initial.
—Guest SaintsNola

Leather Wallet and Journal

I got him a leather wallet (high quality 1) with his initals on it. I'm a writer, so he got me a leather bound writing journal.
—Guest karen

3rd Anniversary - Traditional Gift

For our third anniversary, my husband and I stuck with the traditional gifts and each picked out a new pair of running shoes.
—Guest Melissa

3rd Anniversary Gifts

It's only our 3rd year of bf/gf but I like traditions and so does my bf, so he got me ... from the new traditions ... a crystal duck from Swarovski. I love ducks so it meant a lot to me.
—Guest N

Leather Gift Ideas

Hi there, For our 3rd anniversary my husband suggested that he wanted a briefcase. Again, I have spent hundreds of pounds on designer briefcases etc and all of them have scuffed and fallen apart, I found a store on-line called sage brown and cannot give enough credit to them. I hadn't heard of them before but seen they had great review so I took a stab in the dark and purchased him the http://www.sagebrown.co.uk/1-Business-Line/6-Briefcases/54-City-Briefcase/Detailed-product-flyer.html! He has now had it for 1 year, uses it every day and it still look as good as new!! Also thinking about buying him a personalized business card holder for his birthday :) Editor's Note: We cannot vouch for this website or the relationship of the writer with the website.


My wife bought a leather mask with a strange zip design upon it! Has anyone had one of these and know it's purpose? Thanks
—Guest Daryl crooks

A Pair of New Leather Shoe Laces

For our "Third Anniversary," a pair of new leather shoe laces is how we tied a Knot of Love forever & always. One for my husband to hold his cords, and one for me. I will never untie the knot of love. It has one bead to represent our love, never to be untied.
—Guest Monica

3rd Anniversary

I bought my wife a beautiful leather bound photo album. Nothing more precious than our memories.
—Guest John D

Glass Gets Broken - I Went With Leather!

I went with a Bible that had the leather cover. Wonderful idea I think!!!!
—Guest Lisa8483

3rd Anniversary Gifts

I gave my husband a leather baseball to symbolize a trip to Fenway Park. And he gave me a new camera (with a leather strap!) and a leather picture frame.
—Guest Guest

3rd Anniversary Gift

For our 3rd year anniversary I got my husband a leather wallet and filled it with 11 $25 gift cards from his favorite places. It was a big hit!
—Guest Svette

3rd Anniversary Gift

I got hubby a pair of Steve Madden dress shoes along with 3 complete outfits and he got me a Coach bag and matching wallet!
—Guest LeoButterfly

3rd Year

I gave my husband a very nice watch. Complete with a leather band. Quite nice.
—Guest angi87

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